WinFontsView: a small and portable utility to view all the installed fonts on your computer

WinFontsView is a program that allows you to view the installed fonts on your computer. Now there are tons of font viewer programs out there. In comparison to some, WinFontsView is very simple and featureless. So what makes WinFontsView “special” enough to post about? The fact that it is so small (34 KB in size), standalone, and portable!

WinFontsView works in a simple way. Just run WinFontsView.exe and it will display all installed fonts on your computer:


In addition to giving you the name of the font, you are shown five “samples” of the font in different sizes…


…however if you prefer to not view all the samples, you have the option or turning some (or all) of them off:


You can manipulate the “samples” to see the font in bold, italics, or underlined:


By default WinFontsView is set to display all the ANSI fonts on your computer. If you prefer to view non-English fonts, you must change the settings:


Lastly, you have the ability to create an “HTML report” of the fonts installed on your computer (you may also create an “HTML report” of selected fonts).

You can download WinFontsView from the following link:

WinFontsView works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7

Click here to download WinFontsView

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