WinFontsView: a small and portable utility to view all the installed fonts on your computer

WinFontsView is a program that allows you to view the installed fonts on your computer. Now there are tons of font viewer programs out there. In comparison to some, WinFontsView is very simple and featureless. So what makes WinFontsView “special” enough to post about? The fact that it is so small (34 KB in size), standalone, and portable!

WinFontsView works in a simple way. Just run WinFontsView.exe and it will display all installed fonts on your computer:


In addition to giving you the name of the font, you are shown five “samples” of the font in different sizes…


…however if you prefer to not view all the samples, you have the option or turning some (or all) of them off:


You can manipulate the “samples” to see the font in bold, italics, or underlined:


By default WinFontsView is set to display all the ANSI fonts on your computer. If you prefer to view non-English fonts, you must change the settings:


Lastly, you have the ability to create an “HTML report” of the fonts installed on your computer (you may also create an “HTML report” of selected fonts).

You can download WinFontsView from the following link:

WinFontsView works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7

Click here to download WinFontsView

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  • Eric

    Ah yes, posting to an ages old article, what could be better? Anyway, I just found NexusFont and it is a great, great font viewer. You can view both installed fonts and fonts in any other folder on your PC. They are presented clearly and you can type in any custom text, even multiple lines, which is very useful to see the vertical spacing of the font.
    You can even install and uninstall fonts right within the program as well. It comes in both a portable and installer edition.
    It also allows the choice of custom font and background colors and to turn anti-aliasing on or off. Only things I see missing are a dual pane view and the ability to show only the fonts selected and remove all others.

  • Jeanjean

    And the winner is … (lol)

  • Ashraf

    @Farrukh: I also noticed the properties problem. I have no idea what it is about. I initially thought you could edit too but it won’t let me edit. Maybe a bug or a future feature?

    @Janet: Oh okay. No Problem.

    @Jeanjean: But WinFontsView is 34 KB so I win by 1 KB :P HA!

  • Jeanjean


    “Poids” is “Weight” in english !

  • Jeanjean



    I found and use a soft call FontViewOK (on this site : ; languages : english & deutsch.
    No columns, but the changes (bold, italic, size, color …) are directly visible.
    Poids : 35 Kb (without installation)

  • Janet


    So sorry, Ashraf….you are of course correct….I nixed WinFontsView because it only views installed fonts, and I would definitely like to seem my uninstalled fonts as well. So I did a Google and came up with Opcion Font Viewer (free and open source). The blurb didn’t mention any limitation, but then on the download page it did, which was curious. I am out for a free font viewer that views both installed and uninstalled fonts of all the major font types.

  • Laurie Miller

    @Janet: I think the answer is “no,” which renders it of little value for creative pros. Still useful to see TrueType fonts, though.

  • AOA Ashraf,
    Thanks a lot :). This is very handy and useful utility. As I’m using Urdu on Windows XP, so I was curious to see if it can show Urdu/Arabic samples. Here is a snapshot of getting only Arabic Character set based fonts (I have Urdu Language fonts):

    Tip: You can choose between different character set and change the sample text by pressing F9.

    If you double click any font, it will give you a Properties dialog box like this:

    but you can’t edit the empty text boxes for Sample1… Sample5.

    What are they meant for? I was expecting that we can give five different samples of our own text, but we can’t even type in these.

    Does anyone face similar problem?


  • Ashraf

    @Janet: Um you lost me. What are you talking about? I think you are confusing two different programs.

  • Janet

    The download page says:

    “Opcion Font Viewer is a Java based font viewer that allows you to view (un)installed TrueType fonts one or many at a time.”

    Does that mean that it does not view PostScript and Open Type fonts??