[Windows] Automatically resize photos and images while uploading with RoboSizer

Are you being crushed by annoying internet speed caps or bandwidth caps? WinBit Software was, so they created RoboSizer. It automatically resizes and compresses photos and images based on easy to use profiles, allowing you to keep your upload times low and your browsing fast.

RoboSizer actually intercepts any file uploading the 40 supported apps. Based on your selected resizing profile, it feeds the apps the tinyfied images that take less time to upload:

Sending photos and files compressed with RoboSizer is definitely faster, and since most people don’t care if they have the highest quality, most beautiful photos ever if they’re just glancing at it for a second, RoboSizer is quite useful.

Price: Free!

Version Discovered: v1.0.9.3

Supported OS: Windows XP+

Download size: 3.1MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/38

Portability: Requires installation

RoboSizer homepage

[via AddictiveTips]

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  • internetexplorer

    Thanks, but that’s not it. Javascript is enabled in FF10.0.7 and NoScript is set to allow both dotTech and everything on this page. When I click on Print Article the photo is still there, but when I go with Print Preview it’s gone and won’t print either. I am guessing, but could it be Flash and maybe the print function can’t handle that? N.B. I have the latest Flash, version 11.4.402.265 (32-bit) according to Control Panel on my Win7x64, but it does not show up anywhere on the “All” programs list, but does as a FF plug-in.

  • @internetexplorer: It’s an embedded YouTube video. If you have javascript disabled/noscript enabled, it might be accidentally blocking it.

  • internetexplorer

    dunno what it’s made of, so to speak, but the big image coming after the first two paragraphs of the article as displayed on this page, does not print at all, no matter what I try. It still takes up space, but it’s as if it’s invisible to the printer.