[iPad] Share your location in many languages with Addr2u Lite

The concept behind Addr2u Lite is fairly simple. In this internet age, we make friends all around the globe – friends in some cases who don’t even share our same native language. Addr2u Lite offers the ability to share an address in a different language, letting your penpal in Korea write to you and understand the address they’re sending to. Like I said, the concept is very nice.

However, in practice, the app doesn’t work.

It has a very clearly integrated Google Maps interface, with the ability to view in map, satellite, or a hybrid of the two. Zooming in as far as you can go, however, suddenly snaps the application back into far distance view. It took me six times to get zoomed in on my house close enough to see what cars were parked behind our house without it snapping me back so far I could see Disneyland on the map (that’s about 20 miles from me).  Finally, I picked an address to share and clicked the share button. The interface is simple – email, Facebook, Twitter, and even just simply copying the information. It’s just like sharing in any other program on the iPad.

The unique aspect of Addr2u Lite is supposed to be the ability to share in different languages, though. So I was eager to try out that feature. Except that I couldn’t. I clicked the language dropdown, but no matter what language I chose, the response was the same.

The app crashed.

I opened it again, tried a different language. The app crashed again. I repeated this six more times, trying a different language every time, but it always happened the same way.

Addr2u Lite is an interesting idea, but it simply doesn’t work as intended. And I already have a plain map app on my iPad – one that doesn’t crash every time I try to use a core functionality.  I’ll be sticking with that one.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.5

Requires iOS 3.2 or later

Download size: 1.3 MB

Addr2u Lite on Apple App Store

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