iPad ninja beats the crap out of Android, webOS, and BlackBerry [Comic]

Android may be dominating iOS when it comes to smartphones, but the iPad is kicking everyone’s ass in the tablet arena — Android, webOS (now defunct), and BlackBerry alike. Sure the Nexus 7 may be an iPad-quality Android tablet, but it isn’t really competing against the iPad because of its different form factor. (Let’s hope Google releases a Nexus 10 sooner rather than later.) Bottom-line is right now, the iPad dominates; and the following comic depicts iPad’s world dominance in a playful manner — or, in the case of everyone but the iPad, hurtful manner. Check it out and chuckle:

[via Joy of Tech]

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  • RobCr

    My friend and I both have Samsung Galaxy S2 phones.
    We are in Australia.
    He is itching to to get a ‘Pad’
    We both do not like Apple’s tight controls. marketing etc.
    So Android is the way to go.
    And not smaller than 10 inch
    Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab Note 10.1 his best choice ?
    It appears to be nearly two years old.
    Is there a new model imminent ?