[Windows 8] Browse the internet’s front page Reddit with the first full-featured Windows 8 Reddit app Snoo

The internet is an amazing place, and its self-purported front page Reddit.com is a great way to discuss the latest in almost any subject area, technology, or game. And, of course, cat pictures. Lots of cat pictures! A hallmark of every good platform, then, is a good Reddit app. It should be fast, and allow you to customize your view by logging in. Snoo is the first real Reddit app for Windows 8, and it’s actually great. You can do almost anything you can do on the Reddit web site, but with none of the annoyances that a browser generally brings.

Snoo is fast. If you’re interested in just skimming the front page, it’s easy: select the first item, then click the right or left arrows to go to the next picture or webpage. If you really enjoy the page, pull up the menu with the right mouse key and upvote it: it’ll be included in calculations determining the location of the post the next time someone loads up the front page.

But what about self posts? A large part of Reddit is devoted to self posts, the discussion questions that allow you to talk without fear of either taking down a website or having to post an image. Snoo handles them beautifully. They appear just like the comment section on link posts, but also show the post on the left.

There’s even more to Reddit than self posts and link posts, as much as it may seem that it’s all about posting. You can instantly access your messages from the Snoo home screen, and it allows you to vote on replies, as well as of couse replying to them or opening them in context.

Snoo is definitely a great Reddit client, and its existence in the Windows Store speaks to the ability of Windows 8 to catch on so quickly. If you’re using or planning on using Windows 8, there’s no better Reddit client than Snoo.

Price: Free!

Last updated: unknown

Supported OS: Windows 8

Supported processors: x86/x64/ARM

Download size: 144KB

Snoo on Windows Store

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