[Android] Get a greeting and a calendar notification every morning with Enjoy Your Day

Having my own personal butler would be awesome. I could just ask them about my schedule every morning, and instantly know where I needed to be and when. Unless dotTech starts paying a lot more, however, that’s not going to happen. Instead, I can use the free Enjoy Your Day app by Benoit Essiambre. Every morning, after unplugging my phone, I’m greeted with today’s date and my first appointment.

Enjoy Your Day is a real set-it-and-forget-it app. You simply need to choose what you want your greeting phrase to be, and whether you want it to play every time you unplug it or just once in the morning. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be greeted with a lovely computer voice telling me about my day:

Good morning Sir. Today is September 19th, 2012. You have no appointments scheduled for today. Enjoy your day!

The cool thing about Enjoy Your Day is that it’s not only a nice way to start your morning, it uses next to zero battery power in the process. Since it only activates when you unplug your device, it doesn’t need to have a service constantly on in the background. Instead, your phone will open the audio-playing part only when you unplug it.

Everyone loves being waited on, and as we move into the future, more and more of that will be with our phones and tablets. It’s nice to see apps like Enjoy Your Day keep that personal feel using text-to-speech while allowing us instant access to useful data with absolutely zero effort.

Price: Free!

Version discovered: v1.6

Requires: Android 2.2+

Download size: 146KB

Enjoy Your Day on Play Store

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