[Opera] Store tabs for use at a later time with Tab Vault

When I’m want to write about a specific topic, sometimes I do the research a long time in advance so I’ll have things ready to pull up when I need to reference them for whatever paper or blog I’m writing. I used to do this by creating a bookmarks folder specifically for whatever I was working on and saving the relevant pages there as I found them. But then I was clued in on a better way for those of us who usd Opera (which I do, for academic things – keeping my bookmarks separate helps me avoid distraction). That better way is Tab Vault.

Tab Vault puts a little vault door button on your browser. Clicking the button gives you the option to save the currently focused tab, or all currently opened tabs, into the vault. Once your tabs are saved, a little number appears next to the Tab Vault icon, telling you how many tabs are currently saved. Clicking the button again will display the saved tabs and allow you to recall them with another simple click. Tab Vault can remember quite a few tabs without putting any strain on your browser, something keeping all the tabs open in the background might do; plus you can move through your saved tabs at your leisure.

The options are surprisingly extensive for such a simple add-on – including the ability to have it dump it’s “trash” (deleting saved tabs immediately upon them being reopened), or holding onto tabs indefinitely for repeated use. I can see both options being useful, depending on why you saved a particular tab.

As far as add-ons go, this one is simple and effective for what it does. However, make sure you take a look at the settings before you take it for a spin because, by default, Tab Vault will erase all saved tabs once they are reopened; you may not necessarily want Tab Vault to do that, which it will do unless you’ve changed the default settings. Beyond that, though, I can see this being a very useful tool to many.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 2.5.2

Requires: Opera

Tab Vault on Opera Add-ons

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