Spectacular photo shows skyscrapers towering above the clouds — literally [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Doesn’t it boggle your mind when you see how tall some buildings are; how we, as humans, have managed to build structures so tall we have started to call them “skyscrapers”? While I am not found of heights, it amazes me that we have the technological capacity and the intellectual know-how for building insanely tall buildings. Want to know what else amazes me? The photo below, which shows skyscrapers in Dubai (a city in the Middle East, specifically the United Arab Emirates) that are so tall that they are literally above the clouds. Check it out:

Update: Okay, turns out it may actually just be fog and not clouds per se. Still, it is a cool image. [Thanks Geeky for the tip.]

Absolutely stunning. Imagine the view from a window on the upper floors of any of those buildings.

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