[Android] Track any package from any shipper with Package Buddy

Shopping online is fun and, dare I say, addicting. But when you’ve bought a dozen different things from a half a dozen online shops, you’re inevitably going to lose track of when they all arrive and all of the individual shipping numbers. Keep track of not just your packages, but their location history as well, with the free app Package Buddy.

Package Buddy brings the world of package tracking into the modern era of Android with Holo stylings. This means it’s one of the best-looking package trackers on the market, and all of its features are easy to access. With each added package, you can of course view delivery status, but that’s not what makes Package Buddy so cool. You can also plot its current and historical location on a map, and view the estimated day of delivery.

If you want to monitor your shipments on a tablet, Package Buddy has you covered there too. By purchasing the Pro Tablet license, you can arrange the package list on the left side of the screen and the map or package details on the right. It looks great, and is perfect for monitoring multiple packages at once.

Package Buddy is a great package tracking app, and the added feature of mapping alone makes it worth downloading over other similar apps. Tablet users and phone users alike that need to track packages from almost any domestic or international shipping service would find Package Buddy the perfect app for their needs.

Price: Free with $1.99 Pro version

Version discovered: v3.0.1.0

Requires: various

Download size: 1.3MB

Package Buddy on Play Store

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