[Android] Test the speed of your phone against others in Qualcomm’s new Vellamo Mobile Benchmark

Is your phone feeling a long in the tooth? Everyone knows that means it’s time to run out an buy a new one! time to see if it’s really your device, or just your mind fooling you. Often, devices can be just as fast as they were the day you bought them, but without a standard test, you’re often left in the dark. Worry no more! Qualcomm today released the latest version of their benchmarking test, and it’s better than ever.

The newly updated test, called Vellamo Mobile Benchmark, does more than just measure your device’s CPU speed and call it a day. It measures things that might happen in the real world. It’s organized into chapters, and in each chapter, it measures something different: first, it measures HTML5 and Javascript render and computation speeds and framerates,. Then it moves on to Metal, a comprehensive test of your processor.

Qualcomm is deeply committed to making sure that all of your devices are as fast as possible with their new chips. As they explain in this accompanying video, they’ve updated Vellamo to take into account not only the newest devices on the market but the new technologies being used on older devices as well:

If you came out with an unsatisfactory score on Vellamo, don’t worry. That doesn’t necessarily mean your device is bad, but you should not expect for all of the latest games to work well. Overall, Vellamo is quite nice, and if you like to benchmark your device against others, it’s a worthy download.

Price: Free!

Version discovered: v2.0

Requires: unknown

Download size: 9.2MB

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark on Play Store

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