[iPhone] Track every step of your day with Go Pedometer

People generally spend a lot of time walking during the day. At one point I was high school mathematics teacher and I spent a ton of time on my feet. People would ask me if I exercised, and I would always say that I didn’t need too, because work was enough. In reality, I had always wondered how many calories I burned a day and that is where Go Pedometer comes in. The app’s SmartStep™ technology automatically tracks your steps while the phone is in your pocket.

Go Pedometer only requires that you enter your height & weight and that you press start before you put the phone in your pocket. The app takes care of everything else, including the total distance walked, calories burned, and your average movement speed throughout the day. You might be thinking that the concept is faulty given that people aren’t moving sometimes and it will keep counting. Believe or not, the timer in the app automatically stops when you aren’t walking and resumes when you are.

Go Pedometer’s user interface is quite appealing with well-designed screens and nice colors. The app is easy to use and provides a history and matching graph for all your past walking sessions. Go Pedometer will also work fine with jogging or running, and provides an interface for listening to your iTunes music. It is worth noting that the developers programmed the phone’s screen to turn off when it is put in your pocket to save your battery. This is very necessary, given that the GPS will be running.

Price: $0.99  Free

Version discovered: 1.0.0

Requires: iPh0ne/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 4.0 and up

Download size: 9.3 MB

Go Pedometer on iTunes

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  • Brett

    @EOS: Works great on my 4S. I even walked to the store and back with it in my pocket. 100+ ratings that are mostly positive as well. While I agree that the website issue is a red flag, it doesn’t seem like a scam to me based on how nice the app is.

  • EOS

    Recommended it to a friend but it would not work on her iPhone 4S. Opens & then immediately closes. Uninstalled & reinstalled but same problem occurs. Developer has no website either. Link to it goes to a page with no info. So far seems like a scam?

  • Brett

    @Steph: The app was free yesterday when I wrote the review, Steph. The developer had put it on sale (I guess) to attract more users. It actually has been on sale (i.e. free) 3 other times since August.

  • Steph

    This app is not free: it costs $0.99. Go Pedometer Free is the free version by the same programmer. (Black Block)

  • Brett

    @Steph: Thanks for the tip! I didn’t even know it was on sale for awhile.