[Android] Feedly is a beautiful Google Reader and RSS app for following all of your favorite sites

Avid internet users have a multitude of websites they read on a regular basis. Over the years they spend surfing, unfortunately, the websites pile up and up, and the time it takes to read them grows with it. Many people turn to RSS feeds to let them browse quicker, as it combines all of their website’s posts into one easy-to-manage and easy-to-read interface. Though there’s an official Google Reader app for Android that brings Google’s cloud synchronization service to the mobile platform, Feedly is a much more beautiful app that takes all of your RSS feeds and turns them into beautiful, easy-to-read magazines.

Feedly is an amazing app. While others simply display a list of article titles with the occasional picture, Feedly turns them into a fully-fledged magazine. When you’re viewing one single feed, it shows off pictures front and center, as shown to the right for The Sartorialist. Viewing individual posts remains much the same as other RSS readers, as shown with Lifehacker to the left.

After signing into Google Reader, all of your feeds will appear just as they would everywhere else. If you’re not sure which sites to follow, Feedly also offers some great starter packs. Including highly reputable sites like tech news site The Verge and world news paper The New York Times, their various starter and categorical packs are perfect for whichever type of news you’re interested in reading.

Feedly is an amazing service. Its tagline, “your personal newspaper”, is perfectly fitting, and makes reading RSS feeds not annoying or boring but both beautiful and fun. If you’re still using the official Google Reader app for Android, it’s definitely worth switching to. Anyone who tries Feedly for Android will not switch back.

Price: Free!

Version discovered: v10.10

Requires: Android 2.2+

Download size: 4.4MB

Feedly on Play Store

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