[Android] Get a beautiful new clock and weather widget with One More Clock Widget Free

Chances are you still have your phone’s default clock widget enabled. How very boring! The beauty of Android’s widgets system is that you can make your homescreen look however you want, and part of that is choosing the perfect clock widget for you. Try One More Clock Widget: it’s a free collection of clock-and-weather widgets that’ll go great with any homescreen.

One More Clock Widget is a collection of over 60 great-looking clocks. The styles available range anywhere from a binary counter to an exact copy of the new Motorola circles widget. OMC is not all about displaying, however, and you can set various sections of the widgets to give you the forecast, or even open any app at all.

There are a lot of text-based clocks designs available on One More Clock, and included in the app is an easy to use editing tool. You can change locations and color using the built-in tool, or any property you want using a text editor.

One More Clock is a great set of widgets. Though a lot of the over 60 included widgets are variations on a simple text widget, there’s still a wide range of clocks that would fit well on anyone’s homescreen. If you’re still rocking Samsung’s boring clock widget, it’s time for an upgrade–and One More Clock is a perfect first stop.

Price: Free with $0.99 upgrade

Version discovered: v1.3.5

Requires: Android 1.6+

Download size: 3.6mb

One More Clock Widget Free on Play Store

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  • Coyote

    Had me a little scared there as I’m a proud owner of a phone that came with the moto flip clock widget. but this one is nerfed considerably, the moto allows you to flip the clock between analog/digital and launch straight into the alarm settings. The weather too doesn’t have the ability to flip between different cities nor does the info circle do much more than show the battery.

    But there are a ton of clocks in this pack but nothing really innovative or new. Also you need the paid app to resize them, less all of them will take 4×2 no matter the clocks size.

    BTW tested on a nexus 7, Id rate this pack a 3.5/5 for the variety to choose from.

  • @spredo: To add the apps using Jelly Bean, go to the Widget section and look for the OMC widget.

    I’ll try it on my Samsung Vibrant, a first-gen Galaxy S device. I’ll be right back!

  • spredo

    I am running Jelly Bean on a Samsung Galaxy I, and the free version of this program did not work for me.
    All I got was “thank you for installing, go back to your main screen and run the program”, even AFTER I have started the program from the main screen.
    It may be a problem with my phone (are the Galaxy I even supposed to be able to run the Jelly Bean?). But the one more clock widget is not working for me. Pity, seemed like a fun app.)