[iPhone] Are you finding great articles with no time to read them? Save it to Pocket and read it later!

In 2007, the application Read It Later was created in order to provide users with a Tivo product for all sorts of web-related content. Read It Later was first created for computers, where you could add content through the company’s website or use various browser extensions (i.e. Firefox) for future reading. Read It Later eventually changed its name to Pocket, moved into mobile development, and now has approximately 3.5 million users.

Pocket is an excellent asset to have on your phone. Just like its former name states, the app is for users who want to read/view something later. You can save any article, image, or video to Pocket and it will be there for you when you have the time. Users rejoice over this app, because the world has become quite phone-centric when it comes the web. People will be looking through content on their phone while they have any free second to do so. The problem is that it often is literally just a free second and you might not have the time to read through an entire article. That is where Pocket takes over.

What Pocket has going for it is that over 300 current apps, including many of the most popular ones, have some type of built-in support for Pocket. Usually saving to Pocket entails simply finding the action button in the Pocket-supported app, which will have an option to save directly to Pocket. Pocket also has a bookmarklet and various browser extensions that allow you to save content for later.

The Pocket iOS app is quite simple. It has nice easy-on-eyes user interface that will list all of your current Pocket content. You have the option of seeing all content in one list or separating the content into categories of articles, videos, or images.

Price: Free

Version discovered: 4.2

Requires: iPh0ne/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 5.0 and up

Download size: 7.6 MB

Pocket (Formerly Read It Later) on iTunes

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