[Windows 8] Get a beautifully-animated, wonderfully-futuristic disk scanner with Disk Falcon

The future is of technology awesome, according to movies such as The Minority Report and Avatar. (The future itself, not so much.) But those futuristic computer interfaces are actually somewhat possible today–through the use of animated computer graphics and some clever design, the team of developers at Sad Cat Software created a showoff disk scanning utility that embraces the future head-on.

Using Disk Falcon is using the future. Everything is animated–and as it scans folders for files inside, the central rings rotates to show the filesize. To view inside a folder, just click–there’s an animation for that, too.

Disk Falcon is no slacker in the features category either. Aside from its cool interface, Disk Falcon allows you to sort files by filetype, file ages, and individual files. It also lets you go inside a folder by just clicking on it, and at every turn, it can announce what it’s doing with integrated vocal feedback. You can even delete files straight from inside it by dragging them from the Details pane to the Bin, and then emptying the bin.

Disk Falcon is awesome. It’s a perfect show of what’s possible now by simply thinking of what might be possible in the future, and is not only cool looking but filled with whatever features you many need.

Update: Price increased from Free to $2.99. 

Price: Free! $2.99

Last updated: unknown

Supported OS: Windows 8

Supported processors: x86/x64/ARM

Download size: 2.4MB

Disk Falcon on Windows Store

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  • Marcus

    Price is now $3.99.
    I find the rate of inflation with the apps out there more than just a little disturbing.
    Not buying it, not even gonna try it. If it was free last year, why should I pay for it when others on the early bird bandwagon have already had it for free.
    Major con.

  • @Philip Clempson: There’s an app for Android phones/tablets that I’m reviewing tomorrow. It’ll be the last one of the triplet published, so if you have Android tablets, I recommend taking a look. It’s called “Tap! Tap Faster!” and I find it really fun :)

  • Philip Clempson

    I’m not against Tablets…I also have 3. I’m against the crap purporting to be software.I like Free to mean FREE and to download stuff for the Grandkids that will play for more than a few seconds.

  • @Philip Clempson: Can’t argue about Windows 8… a lot of it really is just pointless changes, especially if it’s not on a tablet computer.

    Android, on the other hand, is awesome. I have three Android devices (two tablets and a phone) and I love them all. Too bad you don’t think they’re cool :(

  • Philip Clempson

    As you say…bummer. I could use something stronger but I won’t. I also won’t use Windows 8 until forced.Unfortunately, all are after their money and normal users miss out. Same with all this Android rubbish at the moment.
    Well, nice chatting.

  • @Philip Clempson: As Disk Falcon is a Windows 8-only app, it requires you to have Windows 8 installed. (It’s a bummer, as this app is really cool.) But if you do have Windows 8 installed, just open the Windows Store and search for Disk Falcon, or open the above link in Internet Explorer.

  • Philip Clempson

    If that is so, then my apologies to all.
    How do you download the free version?

  • @Philip Clempson: It’s still free for me.. the price listed on their site is not what determines the price. The price listed on the Windows Store is.

  • Philip Clempson

    Please check their site.Not Free.