“Is it a virus?” [Comic]

Ever notice some people have a tendency to blame computer problems on viruses? If anything ever goes wrong with a computer, a virus must be responsible. It doesn’t matter if the computer is infected or not, or if the reason the computer is behaving the way it is because of stupidity of the operator. Yeah, I’m sure we all have met those types of people…

[via Something of that Ilk]

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  • AFPhys

    ‘puter was on all yesterday with no return of the problem I had. Seems a pretty safe bet now that your suspicion of it being a graphics card/section overheat is correct. Possibly I simply let the fan port get covered? Time will tell.

    Thanks again for the comments by everyone about this – they have helped.

  • sl0j0n

    Hello, all.
    @ “etim”;
    You wrote:
    “vid card & drivers … in … most programs”.
    I think its just that,
    IF a program has to ‘write’ to the display ,
    then it will likely be affected,
    by a “vid card” / graphics problem.
    Of course,
    it may include almost *every* program.

    Have a GREAT day, neighbor!

  • etim

    My Dell D620 is also a laptop. And when my problem started, I was using an external (VGA) monitor. (That might have even been what stressed the Nvida card/chip in the first place–I don’t know).

    I was also getting bizarre errors all over the place–I guess the vid card and drivers have fingers in the workings of most programs.

    Now, having bypassed the Nvida, the rig won’t even recognize an ext. monitor. go into sleep mode, or handle being stressed like it used to. Which makes sense since the processor’s now doing all the work!

  • AFPhys

    This is a laptop, but it may well be the video portion. Thanks for the thought. If it does this a second time, I will see if I am able to view the screen with a VGA monitor. What really baffled me (as well as scaring me) is that the ‘fatal error’ has to do with something (anything) titled “instruction” – as if the processor itself was hosed. When the computer started up this morning (which I was not necessarily expecting) and booted up just fine, that was a relief. If I am able to bypass or cripple the video processing and still use the computer, that would give me more time to consider my future course of action and be even nicer.

    Again, thanks for the thought. I will keep it in mind.

  • etim


    Sounds like your video card might be dying. Gets better for a bit when it has a chance to cool down, right?

    If it dies outright, you can probably bypass it and just run straight off your primary processor till you can work out a fix.

    Similar problems happened to me with my Dell D620–they came out with a batch of defective Nvida vid cards with so many complaints that there was a class action suit (that I missed by 2 months). AARGH!

  • Bullukka

    funny. I had some “problems” like this. unbearable.

  • AFPhys

    Last night I had a different computer problem but I do NOT think it is a virus…

    Instead of the “BSOD”, the screen saver suddenly switched became a solid “rainbow” of pastel colors. When I tried to bring the computer back to life, every active program started coming up with “Fatal Error” messages – each mentioning some “instruction xyz_aaaa_123” or some such.

    Couldn’t turn off with task manager, since it came up with similar fatality, and shut down overnight by over-riding with the power switch.

    Turned on with great trepidation this morning, and all is well – so far.

    Must BackUp for sure now, and quickly!

    I sure wonder what the problem may have been – No “new” programs were running. I suspect this is much more serious than the BSOD.

    I would welcome any ideas!

  • kentkitty

    Sometime the tech people so seem to feel they are Gods!

  • kentkitty

    Oh my gosh! How cute and so true. Every time I work on a friend’s computer and there is an issue totally unrelated to what I am fixing, they always think I caused it. Then when they find out I did fix their computer and the other problem was just a coincidence, I am a genius. They are frustrated also when I do now immediately know what is wrong.

  • kelltic

    I meet those types of people every time I ask for help with my computer. They are called techs.


  • Mags

    This is what many help desk, techies or IT people call an “id 10 t” error.

    (hint remove the spaces and pronounce as a word)