WinX DVD Ripper, now freeware, is a handy DVD ripping tool

Many dotTechies know about WinX DVD Ripper because it was given out on Giveaway of the Day sometime ago. However it seems now the developer of WinX DVD Ripper has made it freeware…


…and has added a new “Platinum” edition which you can pay $25 to upgrade to. Since it is now freeware I decided to give it a try and was partly impressed and partly disappointed by it.

What impressed me:

  • It allows you to rip/convert DVDs easily; very point and click.
  • You can rip/convert your DVDs to .AVI, .VOB, .MPEG, .MP4, .WMV, .MOV, .FLV, or even .MP3 (audio only for MP3 obviously).
  • It can bypass DRM and region locks.
  • It is fairly light on computer resources while ripping/converting only using 25-35% CPU (mainly in the high 20s) and 31-36 MB of RAM during my tests.
  • Good output quality (not perfect DVD quality obviously but good nonetheless).
  • Has the option to “keep original size and aspect”.

NOTE: To do DVD -> .VOB (.VOB are DVD compliant formats so if you ever want to do a reburn you will not lose video quality) you must select “DVD” from under the ” to MPEG” tab.

What disappointed me:

  • WinX DVD Ripper is very slow. It took me around an hour to rip a 92 minute movie.
  • WinXUpdate.exe uses around 50% CPU constantly while I have WinX DVD Ripper running. It doesn’t even seem to be updating anything considering I just downloaded the software.

However those two disappointments have easy works arounds. For the first disappointment just rip your DVDs at night (there is an option to automatically shutdown your computer after ripping has finished). For the latter disappointment go to the folder where you installed WinX DVD Ripper (by default it will be C:\Program Files\Digiarty\WinX_DVD_Ripper) and delete WinXUpdate.exe. Of course you will have to manually update WinX DVD Ripper after that but hey it is better than letting it eat your CPU.

Of course the two disappoints are cons for this program but considering it is a freeware DVD ripper that can bypass many (if not all) DRM/region locks and has many options for video output formats, I think WinX DVD Ripper is a fairly handy program for those who need DVD ripping yet can’t afford to fork up money for a commercial product.

WinX DVD Ripper works on Windows 98/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7. You can download WinX DVD Ripper from the following link:

Click here to download WinX DVD Ripper

Disclaimer: Please note this article is for informative and educational purposes only. I am in no way encouraging piracy or any other sort of illegal action. Please only use WinX DVD Ripper within the laws of your country. I am not responsible for any illegal activities done by WinX DVD Ripper.

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  • Rob (Down Under)

    Thanks Eric,
    I have downloaded, and activated it, and have it running against the neighbor’s DVD. (I am doing all this for the new neighbor)
    It certainly is tons easier to use than anything I have ever used before.

  • Eric

    @Rob (Down Under):
    The Urex dvd ripper platinum I mentioned earlier is free at giveaway of the day today only. It supports avi like you wanted. I liked it a lot better than the Winx platinum version.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    The one from BitsDuJour was 13,641,938
    The one from the Home page is 23,036,928

    I just tried the movie DVD, and it does not load it. Lets me browse to it though.
    I also have the VOB folder, from DVD FAB decryption, and they too fail to load.

    I will try the portable Format Factory next (after cooking and eating).

    BitsDuJour sends you a daily email, with various discounts, and usually one is 100% free, like today’s.
    The email also gives you ‘heads ups’ on what is coming.

  • Eric

    @Rob (Down Under):
    For me both come out to 22MB and my download manager tells me it is the same link, so maybe you clicked on the Mac version or something? Maybe they discovered the mistake and fixed it. I really can’t do a full comparison now because my dialup is only good for 10MB and hour. Right now it looks like the exact file size from BitsDuJour is 23,036,938 bytes. That is actual and not size on disk. Is that what you got from the trial?
    Anyway, thanks for the BitsDuJour heads up. I had heard of them before but never checked them out. They look pretty promising.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I installed –
    4Videosoft MP4 Converter
    in my Win 7 machine.
    I dislike Win 7, so no loss if I have to drop it off a bridge.
    It looks pretty flashy (impressive), but I will give it a proper workout in the next few hours.
    The program download from BitsDuJour is corrupted (some of it missing by the size of it).
    I went to the program’s home page, and downloaded their Trial.
    Popped in my Registration code, and it was successful.

  • Eric

    @Rob (Down Under):
    That’s very strange. The VirusTotal site only registered 1 detection out of 42 for that and Mcafee showed as clean on there. The one detection was for OpenCandy, and I have heard if you download the entire suit you don’t get OpenCandy. I have checked a version from a few months ago on three virus scanners personally and it showed as clean. My favorite scanner right now is Kaspersky’s because it is not a nag and is very fast. It leaves Nirsoft alone and has options to not rescan files that it previously found were clean.
    I think you mentioned having to put Nirsoft on an external drive during scans. Another thing you could do is zip them in store mode (no compression) and password protect with a simple password like 123. This should at most give you one warning about a password protected archive and it won’t get automatically quarantined. Even with AES encryption it only takes like 5 seconds to zip it.
    Thanks for the heads up on the Mp4 con. I might check it out. I am pretty happy with MediaCoder because you can get a high quality video in a really small file unlike 99% of other converters which optimize for speed.
    Side note. Don’t miss the TechSupportAlert police. I didn’t think I could get the word “the” through their spam filter!

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I was downloading
    DVDVideoSoft Free DVD Video Converter
    and just near the completion of the download McAfee popped up a severe warning and blocked the download.

    For anyone interested, BitsDuJour is offering –
    4Videosoft MP4 Converter
    for free, during the next 20 hours.
    I will give that a try in one of my PCs

    PS The email containing the Registration code, says this –
    Use this registration code to unlock the software after installation. You can install/register the software at any time.

  • Eric

    I actually forgot that the freebie section of Dottech posts as many pro versions of DVD rippers as anyone.
    I just had a quick look through my personal reviews of video converters and was reminded of DVDVideoSoft Free DVD Video Converter. It was pretty good and does convert to avi.
    The best paid for solution I found was Urex DVD Ripper Platinum, followed by solutions from Aiseesoft and Aimersoft.

  • Eric

    @Rob (Down Under):
    Don’t know where you can find an old version or if that would even help, but they give away platinum versions of that program very often, sometimes under another name like MacX. The Cnet Cheapskate posts those deals quite often.

    You can also look here to maybe find something better.
    Now that I check the comments there it seems you have already been there and found a solution!
    Another option is All Free DVD Ripper. Their website always looks suspicious but everything checks out good with virus total and I have never had a problem with their software. I don’t currently have this installed so I can’t say about avi, but I do remember it worked pretty quickly.
    This might be a better solution than the DVDFab workaround.
    For regular video conversion and not DVD ripping I prefer either MediaCoder or VidCoder because of their ultra high quality. Both will probably work with the DVDFab workaround. VidCoder is basically an enhanced version of Handbrake. MediaCoder is a little quirky but will do avi files.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I just downloaded the latest version 5.5.7
    Minor grumble – It did not offer .avi which my neighbor wants me to use.
    Major grumble – It inspected the DVD and said there is some protection that the free version cannot bypass, please buy the Platinum version.

    Anyone else experienced this BS ?
    The movie is pretty old, so it ain’t recent copy protections, that it is talking about.

    PS Does anyone have a link to previous versions, to a version that you know does not have this BS ?

  • WinX DVD Ripper free version somehow is the same as Handbrake which can not backup protected DVDs.

  • NotMe

    I notice a lot of (free) WinX users complaining about speed and output-file size.  WinX defaults to maximum quality.  (I’m okay with that.)  Quality — and hence file size — is user-definable via the “video settings,” specifically the “video quality” setting.  The higher the kB, the better the quality, the bigger the file, and the longer the rip — and vice versa.  Other settings no-doubt also impact speed and size, but I’ve only started using this application.
    I’ve noticed that, with certain dvd’s, (free) WinX will pop up a notice that the disk “contains the new copy protection,” with a link to the not-so-free upgrade.  I’ve found that the dvd frequently can be ripped anyway (ignoring the pop up).  Besides, there’s no harm trying.

  • Ashraf

    @Julien: I have no idea. Sorry.

  • Julien


    it is possible to have this log in french ?