The dangers of opening too many tabs in your browser [Comic]

Tabs were invented to help make our browsing easier. For some people, like myself, they have actually made our browsing more hectic because we feel the urge to keep opening tabs and opening tabs and opening tabs and opening tabs… you get the picture. If you are one of those people that can’t resist opening multiple tabs (and my multiple I mean at least 20 — you people with less than 10 tabs are slackers), then you will have a nice laugh at the following comic. Check it out:


[via Something of that Ilk]

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  • Johnny Fayen


    fuck multiple windows

  • RobCr

    I gave in.
    I had 466 Tabs, and decided to trim some.
    My Tabs only load (refresh/update) when I click them.
    So it was taking far too much time as I clicked each Tab.
    It would have taken me 45 days, so I said bug..r it, and closed them all.
    I first bookmarked them, and exported all my Bookmarks to HTML

    I got a little persuasion this morning.
    My PC started OK, and I opened FF and Thunderbird.
    I did some other things, and when I returned the monitor was dead (no video output from Windows).
    After a lot of fiddling and ‘Safe Modes’, I got back in to normal Windows.
    I then rebooted into Seagate DiscWizard, and imaged the drive.
    Then I did the above bookmarking and closing of all Tabs.

    I suspect my RAM or HD is getting flaky, and my 466 Tabs were helping to trigger the fault.

    I think there is a lesson here for all of us,

    PS sl0j0n,
    I reckon Tabs have been the best thing since sliced bread.
    My Notepad is tabbed (Ultraedit or EditPadLite)
    My Word replacement is Tabbed
    My Windows Explorer replacement is tabbed
    My PDF viewer is Tabbed
    My screen snapshot editor is Tabbed (PicPick screen grabs can accumulate, till I get around to saving them)

  • AFPhys

    I will check out that add-on… thanks. I have tweaked about::config by hand to accomplish something like that, but it would be nice to have someone who has really studied what is needed.

  • sl0j0n

    Hello, all.
    And I *NEVER* use “tabs”.
    Don’t like ’em; won’t use ’em.
    I still open another window.
    39 open now. [Had to count ’em.]
    “Cuique suum.”

    Have a GREAT day, neighbors!

  • Grantwhy

    I regularly right click on a bookmark folder that contains 164 bookmarks and click Open All Tabs – on a computer with (only) 2GB Ram, is single core and runing XP Home …. does that make me a bad person?

    In my defence I do this in Firefox with the Load Tabs Progressively (1.6.2pre) addon set to load three tabs at a time up to a maximum 9 tabs (close one Tab and the next one will then load)

  • AFPhys

    LOL … you consider it necessary to get to 20 to be in the running? Hogwash! According to my session manager, over half the time in the last year I have closed my browser with over 90 tabs open! The largest in the last week is 127 tabs, though I have been up to 149 in the last few months.

    Today I am running light – only 67 open.

    No atom bombs yet… I suspect you have to get up over 2**8 sessions to accomplish that. I bet I have been real close to that at times… Whew!

  • Eric989

    @Rob (Down Under): Yes, he is. 451 will do it, and luckily I live half a world away.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    You talkin’ to me?