[Windows] Convert videos into dozens of different formats using Video to Video Converter (and it’s portable!)

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Windows Media Player’s inability to support a large number of media formats means that people who use it to watch videos on their computers often have to skip watching some of the videos that they like simply because the video are in a different format. Even though there are a number of versatile Windows Media Player alternatives that support a number of different formats, the increasing use of smartphones and televisions, which often support only specific video formats, means that having a good program to convert videos into different formats is essential. This is where Video to Video Converter comes into play.


Main Functionality

Video to Video Converter is a portable program whose basic function is to convert videos into different formats. The program also comes with a number of other features, including the ability to split/join videos, built-in DVD ripper, subtitles support, and ability to burn video DVDs.


  • Supports a large number of input and output audio and video formats
  • Has built-in DVD Ripper, Video Joiner, and Video Splitter
  • Can join/split without re-encoding
  • Ability to add watermarks and subtitles
  • Has built-in tools for burning video DVDs
  • Works well
  • Is portable


  • Makes you to choose preset values when customizing video and audio output settings, as opposed to allowing you to manually enter values (e.g. video resolution)
  • No 2-pass encode option


Video to Video Converter is an excellent free program that takes care of almost all of your video needs. The program has a number of different uses, be it converting a video or an audio file to another format, joining or splitting video files, or ripping or burning DVDs. The converter also supports dozens of output formats and can be used to convert videos into a number of popular formats including AVI, MPEG4, XVID, MPEG2, MOV, MKV, FLV, SWF, 3GP, GIFF, DIV, MP3, etc. For a full list of supported input formats, click here; for a full list of supported output formats, click here.

The interface of the program is fairly easy to understand. Once you add the video that you need to convert, the Video Setting screen immediately pops up. Here you can select from a huge number of output presets, including the ability to convert the video so that it is compatible with Apple iDevices or a number of Android phones available in the market. You can even convert the video so that it can be loaded onto YouTube.

While inexperienced users can simply select their required format and go on for the conversion process, more experienced users can tinker with the output profile, including increase or decrease the audio volume, change the video codec, size, bitrate and framerate, and add subtitles.

Moving away from the basic conversion option, Video to Video Converter provides a number of different tools as well. The Tools button allows users to join audio or video files, split video, and burn video DVD. To split a video, one has to simply load the file which is to be split, select the start and end positions, and then press the OK button which takes the user back to the Video Settings screen to select output format. Burning DVDs is similarly as easy.

Conclusion and Download Link

Video to Video Converter is an excellent program which is easy to use and comes with a huge number of output formats. Inclusion of tools beyond video converting makes this a useful program for those who like to customize their videos or watch them on multiple devices.

Price: Free

Version Reviewed: v2.7

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7

Download Size: 18.2MB

VirusTotal Malware Scan Results: 0/41

Portability: Installation not required

Video to Video Converter download page

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  • Sanju

    okay,it”s a bit handy software and works well just like Any Video Converter/HandBrake. But can any one know the GOOD softwares that could even CUT,EDIT and MERGE any part of the video?
    I”ve used Power Video Cutter and Joiner.Though it works well but it’s Shareware with limitations.
    Similarly,Boilsoft Video Cutter too works fine but need to purchase.So,need to surf other alternatives.

  • matrix

    not entirely true :) – “Makes you to choose preset values when customizing video and audio output settings, as opposed to allowing you to manually enter values (e.g. video resolution)”

    for example in the Video size field I write 160×220
    and the result was a video with 160×220 resolution :)

  • Jeanjean

    …”Ability to add subtitles”…
    Oups… I have not paid enough attention to (Remark related to the last mail send to you)!

  • permafrost

    @Sherwood Tucker:
    DivFix++ 0.34
    DivX Repair 1.0.1
    FileRepair 2,1 build 1

  • Eric989

    This appears to be the real deal. It provides an excellent combination of ease, speed, and quality while maintaining small files that are accurate to the bitrate you choose. It can also merge files together without re-encoding. My only complaint is that there are no advanced options like 2 pass encoding but it does a great job anyway. Overall an excellent video converter in my brief examination. One of the best I have ever used. If you don’t care aobut a bunch of advanced options, this is definitely the converter for you. It gives plenty of options for the casual user like codecs, containers, resolutions, and bitrates.

  • Eric989

    @Sherwood Tucker: Don’t know about something to fix video files but if you like handbrake you should love Vidcoder. It is basically an easier to use UI for Handbrake. I like it much better. It can produce a high quality video in a small file.
    MediaCoder can produce the same quality but can be intimidating as it has every option imaginable. It is useable though.
    Both of those converters are very customizable as far as speed to quality. You can select from many profiles from very fast to placebo.

  • Sherwood Tucker

    I too will try this SF as I , like many have tried all kinds of SW for converters… Some are too slow and some bomb out at the slightest incongruity and some make HUGH files.
    I use handbrake a lot and this seems to work very well for most…
    What I really need is a SW that will a file (usuallly an .AVI file that has something wrong and when you try to burn it, there is no sound or all you see is a green screen??? LOL
    I have tried videorepair, videodub, and videodubmod as well as a few others.
    Is there a SW that will fix the container and the contents so all is well?? :)

  • Eric989

    @mukhi: I am pretty sure that more recent versions handle more than just AVI. I am pretty sure I have used it on mp4 or flv but I have no idea about DAT.

  • mukhi

    @Eric989: i have handled avidemux before, very nice program for handling AVI format, does not work for DAT, as far as i know.

  • Ashraf

    @mukhi: It is. Sorry for that typo at the end. Please do let us know your feedback on the testing!
    @Eric989: Thanks Eric, you are right. I missed that typo at the end while editing. And, from what I’ve read, this is as good as it sounds.

  • Eric989

    I hope this is half as good as it sounds. I’ll definitely have a look at this. Hope it can achieve the quality of MediaCoder or VidCoder.
    @mukhi: Their download page has an installer version and a portable version.
    Don’t know about DAT but Avidemux is the best video merger I have found and it does not have to reencode. I use the portable version available from liberkey. Their site is set up so that I cannot provide a direct link to it but you can get to it from this page.
    Don’t click on the name of the software but look to the right for a cardboard box with the liberkey icon sticking out of it. Click on that and an offline installer download will be presented at the bottom of that page. As far as I know this can only be installed into the Liberkey application which is itself portable. This is a bit of a hassle but not much of a deal. Be sure to download the smallest version of Liberkey. I believe some of them come with lots of stuff preinstalled. I think there is a zero version or something like that.
    Here is a direct link to the offline setup I mentioned above for Avidemux but I doubt if it will work as this type of link will probably expire but maybe not.

  • mukhi

    “Portability: Installation required”

    So portable or not?

    i will try couple of things:
    # 1: SWF to MKV (looks like it does). there are whole bunch of freeware out there but none of them do it.
    # 2: joining DAT files w/o reencoding. very difficult to find one freeware that does it.

    if the above two work, this SW is worth keeping it.