“I’ve had enough of Apple, no more wasting all my money” [Comic]

You know that new Lightning connector Apple has introduced in the iPhone 5? The one that requires a special authentication chip to be present in accessories to make use of the port, meaning cheap cables and adapters won’t be available? Yeah, well, many people aren’t exactly happy about some of their accessories that used the old pin, namely docks and cords, being useless. If you are one of these people and are thinking of switching to Android because of the new connector, think again:

Haha… need I say “iSheep”?

[via Joy of Tech]

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  • J.L.

    As expected from that website, no mention of the cost of iPhone 5 is made. Nor how cheap Android, or not upgrading every time like an iSheep, is.

  • It’s great! When will people start to think?
    You can waste a couple of bucks for the future and not buying this adapter !!!

  • jayesstee

    @Eric989 Said: “This is one of the funniest ones you have ever posted. Thanks Ashraf.”

    Gets my vote too!

  • mukhi

    isheep’s love of i$hit, LOL.

  • Shava Nerad

    Buying a walled garden sure is expensive…

  • Ashraf

    @Eric989: You are welcome!

  • Eric989

    This is one of the funniest ones you have ever posted. Thanks Ashraf.