[Android] Enjoy Reddit on the go with Reddit is Fun

Reddit is Fun is a fantastic way to view Reddit content on your phone or tablet. This app is incredibly useful if you have become fed up with the Reddit interface in the Android browser. It is also perfect if you just want a dedicated application to keep track of all of your Reddit content.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

This application is designed to make browsing Reddit much more enjoyable when on your phone or tablet. It is supposed to use a great interface to make the entire experience as logical as possible.


  • Phone and tablet interfaces
  • View stories and comments simultaneously
  • Get an organized list of your subscribed subreddits
  • Have access to all features like upvotes and downvotes


  • Cannot check or hide comments
  • Ugly user interface


Reddit is Fun is an extremely simple application designed around one purpose. It’s only aim to to provide a better mobile experience for Reddit. The developers recognized that it is impotent to have an application that caters to various screen sizes. As a result, they have designed a phone interface and a tablet interface. This type of approach is very important for an application that is based on content viewing.

The main difference between the phone and tablet interfaces is how you view stories and comments. In the phone interface, you view a list of stories, click on them, and then view the content and the comments. However, it is entirely different on the tablet interface. In this interface, you have a side bar that will display all of the stories in the subreddit you are browsing. If you click on a story, the comments will appear in a window right next to the list. This creates an email-type interface and makes it incredibly easy to bounce between stories.

What’s terrific about Reddit is Fun is that you get access to all basic Reddit functionality. This means you can upvote or downvote any story or comment you want. This makes users feel right at home and makes the experience almost seamless.

Reddit is Fun does such a great job, there are really no missing features. A couple small complaint would be the fact that there is no way of controlling the comments you see and it is rather annoying to moderate subreddits. The major issue with this application  is that it is just plain ugly. The look and feel of the user interface makes very little sense and it seems as though the entire design could be much more logical.

Conclusion and download link

While Reddit is Fun does have some downsides, it still remains the best mobile Reddit experience available for Android. The best part is that the application is actually open source. This gives anybody the ability to modify and customize the application to their liking. If this application were to give the user interface a quick face lift, then it would be nothing short of perfection.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 2.5.8

Requires: Android 2.2 and up

Download size: 2mb

Reddit is Fun on Play Store

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