is redesigned with a more modern, but still very busy, look

Do people still use Yahoo? Apparently, seeing as is still one of the top five destinations on the web. However, Yahoo is quickly losing its readers to the competition and new CEO Marissa Mayor wants to change that. One way Mayor feels will retain readers is a modern modern design. As such, has been redesigned.

The following are two screenshots of what the old looks like:

The following are two screenshots of the new

Overall, the new design has a more modern look thanks to that centered search bar. However, is still much too busy… which is one of the reasons I avoid it at all costs.

The new design is slowly being pushed out to users around the world. Be patient if you don’t see it yet.

[via BusinessInsider]

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  • JennB213

    I haven’t used my Yahoo in so long I’d have to google to get there.

    Do you know if they have ever changed to allow embedded graphics ??

    I always hated having to assign them as attachments ..
    I like being able to embed the graphic with the conversation.

    Just curious ??

    Guess I’ll check it out and see what it looks like now.

    Thank you for all the excellent reviews and information you share with us.


  • I still use Yahoo as one of my online mail providers – it doesn’t bork as much as hotmail on older computers.

    I think a lot of the upgrades and the technicians who create them forget that factor, or think that about 80% of the world can go hang because they only want HIGHtech users on HIGHspec computers with HIGHincomes to back it all up.

    just one of those same-old-same-old things I guess ;)