This is a camera gun [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Ever see in the movies those cameras that secretly shoot a bullet? You know, the ones often used to assassinate people. Yeah, well, today I have something similar to show you today albeit it is a bit less devious.

The following is a photograph of a camera gun, as imagine by Australian artist Adam Wheatley. It isn’t entirely clear if it is a gun that is a camera or a camera that is a gun, nor is it clear if it is a Photoshop-only thing or if it was actually created (my guess is the former). Check it out:

That thing would mean a photo shoot is actually a photo shoot.

[via Empty Kingdom]

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  • mike

    So that is a twenty dollar deposit incase you don’t return to pick up your pics?

  • Philippe

    Not real. The bullets are for long guns, not hand’ guns. It would be easier to put a magazine 9 mm in the handle, like a mini Uzi.

  • Noah Body

    It looks more like a DRAWING of a camera gun than a PHOTOGRAPH, unless you mean it’s a photograph of a drawing of a camera gun. Also, the crooked bullets might cause the camera to explode when fired.