[Android] Fine-tune, optimize, and monitor your device with Android Tuner

Android Tuner is app that gives you great tools to optimize your Android experience. This app is very useful if you have found your device to be slowing down or not performing like it used to. It can also be great if you want to really push the limits of what your device can achieve.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

This app is designed to give you unlimited control over everything that is going on with your device. It is meant to combine all of the useful tools previously available into one, convenient application.

Take note Android Tuner comes in two version — Free and Paid. The developer is not very clear about what are the differences between the Free and Paid versions. For the purposes of this review, dotTech tested the Paid version.


  • Control all root-required functions
  • File explorer
  • Application manager
  • Task manager
  • System control and monitoring
  • System and battery notifications
  • Battery saver


  • Can sometimes be confusing
  • Features can be hard to use
  • Designed specifically for tech-savvy users
  • The paid version is a bit expensive for an app — $12.99


Android Tuner is the result of many applications being combined into one super app. It literally contains everything you could ever want to control your Android device. It is the tool of choice for most rooted users because if gives you control over aspects of your phone that you can only change when rooted. This includes aspects like APN toggle, logcat reader, various types of battery monitoring, and Link2SD and App2Sd functions.

Android Tuner will provide you with the only file explorer you need. If you are rooted, it will give you access to ANY file on your device. This is something not commonly found in most explorers. It will also allow you to view. edit, share, and even stream any file that you want. This is great as it also allows you to change the permissions on your files so you can make sure others have appropriate access to them.

Additionally, this app will also give you an incredibly useful application manager. You can automate your most used functions like backing up and uninstalling apps, moving and linking apps to the SD card, enabling and disabling unwanted apps, and clearing out caches and other types of data. All this can be combined with the built in task manager that allows you to monitor CPU usage and kills apps to free up memory. This two tools used in conjunction will give you unlimited control over all of your applications.

Perhaps the most intensive features is Android Tuner’s system control. It will allow you to overclock or underclock your CPU and save and load your previous preferences. It also allows you to modify the kernel and build.prop with intuitive editors. The best part is that you can backup any part of the experience so you can always return to the settings that you were using before.

Android Tuner will also monitor your battery and give you notifications for various aspects of your system. It will allow you to monitor WiFi and GPS statistics and see how they are effecting your battery life. You can also toggle all of your primary power functions in order to save battery and data usage. All of this can be done through nice, configurable widgets.

Conclusion and download link

As you can see, there is a lot going on with Android Tuner. In fact, it is hands down one of the most feature-packed applications I have ever seen. While the app can be confusing for people who are not comfortable with tinkering around with the inner workings of their device, it is virtually the only negative aspect of the experience. The developers have literally thought of everything. The best part being that this app is relativity new so it can only get better from here.

Price: Free, $12.99

Version reviewed: Beta

Requires: Android 2.2 and up

Download size: 3mb

Android Tuner Free on Play Store | Android Tuner on Play Store

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