This is an absolutely stunning photo of the star-filled night sky above a beach [Amazing Photo of the Day]

In the past, dotTech has featured one or two night sky or star photos in our daily Amazing Photo of the Day segment. However, I have yet to come across (and thus I have yet to share) a photo of the night sky that is as stunning and — dare I risk losing man points by saying it — beautiful photo as the photo I have to share today. Check it out:


[Image credit: Ravi Vora]

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  1. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Brent: Glad you like it!
    @Tom: Why does it matter if its called Amazing “Photo” of the Day or Amazing “Image” of the Day? It is all semantics.
    @Anonymail: AFAIK, its not photoshopped.
    @jayesstee: I don’t think i’ll ever run out :-)
    @Ed: @Mr.Dave: If I have access to high res photos, I always post them. However, most of the time I don’t. That being said, if you click on the image you will always typically get a larger (albeit not necessarily high res) version.

  2. Mr.Dave

    I agree with Ed! I always open the pics in another window, hoping they’ll fill the screen. Alas, they remain small. I would guess they’re magnificent on an iPhone but on my 22″ monitor something gets lost… Thank you for sharing them, they’re still fun to see!

  3. Tom

    With so many photo editing tools at our disposal, “photo of the day” really has no meaning. Natural composition faded away long ago. Visual media is no longer trustworthy.

    Suggest you retire this feature, or name it more appropriately.