How life was before smartphones [Comic]

It doesn’t matter how old or young a person is — everyone has probably had someone older, such as a grandfather or grandmother, tell them about “the good old days” where people worked much harder, had better ethics, walked uphill to school both ways in the snow all year, etc. Due to how fast technology is progressing, we are quickly coming upon a time where the newer generations have not lived in a world without modern technological conveniences, such as computers and smartphones. So it goes without saying there may come a time when we are telling our grand children about the “good old days” — like in the following comic:


[via Geeks are Sexy, comic credit: Doghousediaries]

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  • jayesstee

    @JonE & Nitin:
    You are so right, many General Practice Doctors (GPs) won’t (or can’t) prescribe these days, they are just ‘help desks’ pointing you to the (hopefully) appropriate specialist.
    As for the comic – sad but true!

  • JonE

    @Nitin: I’m not a Doc, but the thing I’ve noticed about Doc’s these days is that whether it’s our family doctor, a referred specialist (and I don’t remember being referred when I was a kid), or the emergency room, after a Doc gets done examining a patient he immediately goes and refers to his computer, and plugs in symptoms and waits for a diagnosis and possible medications. My wife’s Doc carries his laptop around with him.

    Glad to see your comment Doc; that’s one of my Pet Peeves with Doc’s today. There are times that they seem to not have a clue without that little piece of technology with them. Ironic how much we depend on technology, and how lost we are without it.

  • JonE

    @Unicorn02: right on!

    @Mags: ditto!

    Perhaps, maybe, must maybe, Ashraf’s comments, and Grandpa’s statements in the comic, may have been, a bit over stated, perhaps, maybe, but as has already been stated, “sad but true – reality”. Other than the fact that I just don’t need that kind of portability the last frame of the cartoon is the saddest part and the reason I won’t own one of these devices.

    Technology has made our lives easier, in many respects, or has it? It has certainly made us more impersonal; sad but true – reality.

  • Nitin

    How true !
    I am a doctor and still remember the days when we had / have the drug dosages on the tip of our tongues. And the young generation always refers to their for smartphone for answer

  • Mags

    Sad but true.

  • Unicorn02

    Actually there is nothing funny in the comic, just plain reality… (*sigh*)

  • Lol :D