“Things that blew your mind when you were a kid” [Comic]

Try to remember back when you were a kid in, say, elementary school. (That is grade school for you chaps who follow the British system… I think.) What were the things that amazed you, the things you couldn’t figure out, or the things you refused to accept? I don’t know about you, but the following comic hits it up the spot for me:

It is so true.

[via Doghousediaries]

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  • Trev

    Ditto that.

  • Shava Nerad

    Grew up in a town of 8000 in Vermont. My teachers were neighbors, I saw them at church, at the food co-op, at community meetings.

    I saw two of my teachers weather a storm where someone saw them at Boston’s gay pride together – the school board fired them. The community knew and trusted them so well from so many contexts that they rose up and forced the school board to reinstate them.

    That’s how well we knew everyone, for good or ill.

    I was founding executive director of the Tor Project – when I speak on online privacy I often open with this joke:

    I grew up as a minister’s daughter in a New England town of 8000. I knew all about privacy issues by the time I could talk. Everyone in town knew my business.

    And, as a teenager, I was a bit of a hellraiser in that same small town. And an honor student. And a cub journalist for local media. So I learned all about maintaining multiple identities. People somehow think these are new issues with the web — we just brought them with us.

    People such as teachers nearly need to maintain multiple identities online, though. Having your match.com profile ID’d by your students could be a disaster, and that’s the mild end of things.

    The https://torproject.org site has a page of good reasons folks use anonymity software, including teachers, these days. (I wrote the original of that page years ago, and it’s mostly stood the test of time, glad to say…)

  • a simple happy man

    In England we go to kindergarten, then preschool, then infants, then juniors/primary, then senior school which thay have taken to calling Academy or College, like the Baron Oasis Academy and The Silly Wotsits Technology College.

    It sounds so blinking daft that 11 year olds still with their milkteeth are going to some tarted up name of a college or academy instead of the Grammar, or the Secondary Modern or Senior school, even more so when at 16/17 we move on to the Real college, if we stay on at school, for a couple of years before it’s off to Uni or Varsity, and Universe City.

    If we can’t handle all that higher education our parents sell us to the Welsh once we’re 5 yrs old and they put us in a pit pony skin and off we go down the mines pulling coal trucks in and out of the shafts for 25 hours a day 10 days a week and 18 months a year and then we’re the lucky ones who’ll get to sleep standing up inside a cardboard box in the middle of a puddle!

  • Bull

    Oh wow, this is so true!

  • tejas

    I can’t relate. I grew up in a very small town. Most of our teachers, principals, and administrators were neighbors.

  • Madhamish

    In Scotland your elementary school is our primary school.