How to tell if a cheetah is laughing or crying [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Will the fascination of animals we humans have ever cease? Probably not. At least not for the time being because today I have yet another animal shot to show you. This one is about cheetahs and is a bit on the humorous side.

If you run across a cheetah (no pun intended), you might want to keep the following handy to determine if the cheetah is laughing (aka he is about to eat you) or crying (aka still run). Check it out:

That is a cheetah, right?

(Anyone that wants a high resolution [1920×1080] version of the photo can purchase it for $2.99 from the credit link below.)

[Image credit: Sergei Gladyshev]

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  • Brent

    @Eric989: Agreed.

    And another thing Ash, its not laughing and crying, its sneezing and yawning… Ha!


  • Eric989

    @Brent: Ashraf apparently is not super familiar with cheetahs since this is the second time he has questioned whether a picture was of a cheetah or not. This is particularly confusing given his apparent fascination with big cats and even domestic cats. I can completely understand confusion between leopards and jaguars but cheetahs look completely different to me. It would be particularly interesting to see Ashraf post a picture of one the the mixed breeds and try to guess if it is a liger or a tiglon.
    By the way, Ashraf, keep up the cat pictures, I am a huge fan, too.

  • Brent

    a cheetah it is, young padwan….