At 23 ft (7 m), this is one extremely large crocodile [Amazing Photo of the Day]

I’m pretty sure most, if not all, of us would be scared shitless if a small, baby crocodile was roaming free in our neighborhood. A 23 ft long croc? Yeah, you would probably be packing your things and heading the hell out (as I would). Unfortunately, the people of a village on the Niger River in Africa didn’t have the luxury to simply move when a crocodile started eating their fellow villagers. They did, however, have the ability to call in the army — which hunted down and killed the 7 m long (roughly 23 ft) and 1,200 kg (roughly 2,650 lbs) beast. Check it out:

[via Facebook]

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  • theresa soller

    [@Daniel Harris] 16 or21.9 either or whats the diff?

  • Carlos Young

    Do you not see that stone slab u dimwit? They are behind the slab making it seem that they are midgets who are photocropped in ?_?

  • Daniel Harris

    Be sure to read up on something before posting it, this only a 16 foot croc, the largest ever caught was in the Philippines at 21.9 feet

  • And they say dinosaurs are extinct!

  • Mike

    Truly amazing (and terrifying to think, to have that beast around)! And finally, a good use for an army . . . .

  • Anonymail

    That would be one huge freaking nightmare!
    It does look like the people are not directly behind it though, so may be a bit of an illusion.
    Freaking scary anyway! LOL