Golden Eagle vs Red Fox — which would win in a fight? [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Golden Eagle is a bird of prey. Red Fox is a omnivorous animal. If they go head to head, which would win a fight? The Golden Eagle with its air advantage and razor sharp claws? Or the Red Fox with its mobility and deadly bite? Beats me. But if the following is to be believed, the fox has no chance. Check it out:

Golden Eagly: 1 | Red Fox: 0

(Anyone that wants a high resolution [1920×1080] version of the photo can purchase it for $2.99 from the credit link below.)

[Image credit: Yves Adams]

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  • Jus

    Bird eats dog! Sounds strange put that way.
    Thanks for sharing a great Photo!

  • BeeGee

    Not a hard outcome to imagine . . . GE is about to have a fuzzy RF appetizer . . .

    Many thinks to Mr. A and all the others that scour the web universe (and beyond . . .) to find such a consistent offering of interesting stuff.

  • Anonymail

    Just awesome! I don’t know who would win!

  • David

    That is such an amazing photograph. Thank you for sharing!