DVDSmith will bypass DRM protection and region locks to allow you to rip your DVDs

Recently I posted about WinX DVD Ripper. WinX DVD Ripper is a useful software because it bypasses DRM protection and region locks to allow you to rip your DVDs to different video formats (such as AVI, WMV, etc.). Now I would like to tell you about another DVD ripping program that is a little bit different. Meet DVDSmith:


Just like WinX DVD Ripper, DVDSmith can bypass DRM protection and region locks. However, instead of allowing you to rip your DVDs into different video formats, DVDSmith rips your DVD and stores it on your computer in DVD format files (i.e. VOB and stuff). This is really useful because it allows you to truly backup your DVD while still having the ability to convert your DVs into different types of videos in case you need your DVD in another format. Confused? I will explain a bit more clearly.

By “truly backup your DVD” I mean since DVDSmith stores your DVD in DVD format files, so if you ever lose or break your original DVD you can very easily just burn another DVD from your backup created with DVDSmith. WinX DVD Ripper, however, ripped your DVD to different video formats so a reburn of your DVD at DVD quality would be difficult. Update: WinX DVD Ripper also has an option to do DVD -> DVD .VOBs.

Additionally, if you ever need your DVD to be in a different video format, such as lets say .AVI, all you have to do is throw it into FormatFactory and convert it. This allows you to be versatile because you can do quick converts to any format depending on your needs of the hour (i.e. .3GP one day but .MP4 another).

The one major problem with DVDSmith, however, is that it is slow so don’t expect to do quick rips. However it is about equally as slow (or fast, whichever way you look at it) as WinX DVD Ripper. The difference is once you rip your DVD with DVDSmith, once you do the initial investment, you can do quick conversions to other video formats with FormatFactory whenever you want. With WinX DVD Ripper if you want your DVD in a format different than the one you already ripped it to you would have to do another really long rip.

Another (minor) problem is DVDSmith does not have the built in feature to automatically shutdown your computer after it has finished ripping a DVD. Considering that DVDSmith is really slow at ripping, this feature really should be added in. However I say this is a “minor” problem because you can easily use Marxio Timer to set your computer to automatically shutdown, in say about one hour (you may want to give it more time depending on the “Copy Method” you select), giving DVDSmith enough time to rip your DVD.

Overall, I feel when combined with FormatFactory, this program is very handy for being free considering it bypasses all DRM protection and region locks. You may download DVDSmith from the following link:

Version reviewed: v1.0.0

Download size: 3 MB

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7

DVDSmith homepage [direct download]

Disclaimer: I am in no way encouraging piracy or any other sort of illegal action. Please only use DVDSmith (and any other software mentioned in this article) within the laws of your country. Ashraf, dotTech, are anyone else except yourself are not responsible  for any illegal activities done by DVDSmith or any other software mentioned in this article.

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