[iPhone] Sushipedia is a handy reference for all things sushi

Sushipedia is an iPhone app that features vivid photos and helpful explanations about many different types of sushi. Now you’ll never have to feel confused by the menu when you go out to eat at a sushi restaurant.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Sushipedia includes detailed photographs, tasting notes, and historical information about the development of sushi, including raw, cooked, and vegetarian dishes. In addition to English names, the Japanese names of each variety of sushi can also be viewed in hiragana text, making this a handy app for travel as well as self-education.


  • Gorgeous, mouthwatering photos
  • Dual English and Japanese (hiragana alphabet) listing for each sushi type
  • Fast search function
  • Easy-to-navigate design
  • Seasonal tasting notes let users know which types of fish are currently at their peak
  • Excellent, in-depth information in clear, readable English
  • Tips about which types of fish are susceptible to parasites and should be avoided
  • Sushi rolls are listed both by type of fish and by common name, such as “Dynamite roll” or “Seattle roll”
  • Easy icons help users tell at a glance if the sushi is cooked, spicy, raw, or vegetarian


  • App hasn’t been updated since 2009
  • Images sometimes have a long load time, and images can’t be swiped between at fullscreen size
  • “I’m feeling lucky” button can’t be hit repeatedly with ease
  • Annoying banner ads along the top of the screen on all menus
  • Not enough types of sushi!


Sushipedia has a number of different ways that users can search or browse through the library of different sushi varieties. From the main screen, users can go right to their saved list of starred favorites, or head to the main encyclopedia.

From the main encyclopedia screen, users can then browse the whole list of different sushi dishes. There are about 90 types of sushi in all, which seems both comprehensive and lacking at the same time. My local sushi bars seem to have about that many dishes on the menu, and one imagines that there must be more varieties of sushi in Japan, as well as regional varieties that have cropped up around the globe as sushi becomes more popular.

Sushipedia is very easy to navigate, and the ability to search for what types of sushi is currently in season is a really nice touch that makes Sushipedia seem more luxe than other sushi apps. There’s also immense value in the detailed info for each roll, and even experienced sushi diners are sure to learn something about their favorite dish.

It’s also handy to be able to search for a sushi type by both name/ingredients, as well as attributes that the rolls have. Vegetarians will be happy to see how easy it is to find rolls that suit their lifestyle, and those who are a bit squeamish about raw fish can easy find cooked rolls to enjoy.

Conclusion and download link

Despite the fact that Sushipedia hasn’t been updated since 2009, it remains a good database for both experienced and novice sushi eaters. Allegedly, a pro version of the app is in the works. But with no new updates in three years, it seems unlikely that we’ll ever see it. Despite that, however, this free app is definitely worth checking out for anyone who’s into dining out, Japanese culture, or food history.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.2

Requires iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, iOS 2.0 or later

Download size: 7.4 MB

Sushipedia on Apple App Store

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