[Windows] Get rid of junk files and protect your privacy with Xleaner Portable

Do you want to remove all traces of activities? Would you like to free up some space on your computer by getting rid of junk you no longer need? How would you like to do all of this with just a click of a button? Well, thanks to Xleaner Portable this is now possible. The best part is, you don’t even have to install the program.


Main Functionality

Your computer saves information about you. Over time, this all builds up and uses space. Now you can get rid of this sensitive information while freeing up room on your PC. In short, Xleaner Portable is a program that you don’t have to install and will help protect your privacy while removing junk files from your computer.


  • No installation required
  • Does a great job as a free privacy and clean-up utility
  • Supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Office, and the Registry
  • Cleans computer quickly
  • Supports extended functionality via third-party plugins


  • Interface could be kind of confusing at first
  • A better “ending report” would be helpful
  • Doesn’t have very many plugins


Programs like Xleaner Portable are not hard to come by. In fact, it is hard to surf the internet for too long without stumbling across one. So the question is: How does Xleaner Portable stack up against other programs you may already be using?

First, what does Xleaner Portable do (for those of you that don’t know)? The program helps to protect your privacy by removing things from your computer like your internet history, cookies, auto-complete memory, cache, and so on. It also helps free up room on your computer by deleting Window’s temp documents, junk in your recycling bin and so on. The following is a full list of cleaning that Xleaner does:

Cleans up your Windows

  • Documents in the Start Menu
  • File search list
  • Computer search list
  • Run entries in the Start menu
  • Last edited Registry Key
  • Open / Save File List
  • Windows User Assist entries
  • Folder ‘Recently Used’ MS Office
  • Internet Search Assistant History
  • Contents of the Windows Recycle Bin
  • Windows clipboard
  • Windows Temp folder
  • Windows User Temp directory
  • Windows prefetch directory
  • Remote Access Service (RAS) AutoDial
  • Windows WordPad Recent File List Menu
  • Windows MSPaint Recent File List Menu
  • Windows Media Player Recent File List Menu
  • Start menu entries alphabetically
  • Favorite entries alphabetically

Internet Explorer browser

  • Internet Explorer History History
  • Internet Explorer cookies
  • Internet Explorer browser cache
  • Internet Explorer’s URL in the Address Bar
  • Internet Explorer AutoComplete entries in forms
  • Internet Explorer Downloaded Program Files
  • Internet Explorer Offline Pages

Mozilla Firefox browser

  • Mozilla History History
  • Mozilla cookies
  • Mozilla browser cache
  • Mozilla offline cache
  • Mozilla Test Pilot Error Logs
  • Mozilla Forms
  • Mozilla Download List
  • Mozilla Google Toolbar
  • Mozilla Crash Reports
  • Mozilla search history
  • Mozilla Session

Opera browser

  • Opera History History
  • Opera Cookies
  • Opera DOM Storage
  • Opera Browser Cache
  • Opera thumbnails (SpeedDial> Speed ??Dial)
  • Opera’s URL in the Address Bar
  • Opera Download List
  • Opera Website Icons

Google Chrome browser

  • Chrome History History
  • Chrome cookies
  • Chrome Browser Cache
  • Chrome Jump List Icons
  • Chrome Session
  • Chrome Download List

Apple Safari browser

  • Safari History History
  • Safari Cookies
  • Safari browser cache
  • Safari saved form data

Netscape browser

  • Netscape History History
  • Netscape cookies
  • Netscape browser cache

Deep Scan (user definable)

  • Free definability of file masks
  • Predefined file masks can be loaded
  • Unlimited determination “My folder” and “Private files”

Clears your Office History (versions 97, 2000, 2003, 2003 templates, 2007, 2010)

  • Microsoft Office Access
  • Microsoft Office Excel
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Office Word
  • Microsoft Office FrontPage

Adjusted the registry

… further

  • Possibility of free clearance and optimizing memory

and the

  • Volume check for errors by Windows Check Disk (CHKDSK)

Hearing what Xleaner Portable does is not all that impressive. That is because there are a ton of programs out there that can do this same task, notably CCleaner which has support for very many more programs if you use CCEnhancer. However, what is nice is the fact that you don’t have to install Xleaner Portable. Simply download, unzip and you’re good to go! That was reason enough for me to give it a shot, and I’m glad I did.

Before running Xleaner Portable, I ran another cleaning program. I did this because I wanted to find out if Xleaner Portable would be able to find more stuff than this other program left behind. In the end, Xleaner Portable did not find any remaining cookies, browsing history or anything like that. However, it was able to free up another 81MB of room. This would have been more exciting had it gave me a more detailed report as to what was removed. I would have liked to know what “junk” files it found that the other program missed.

The good news is everything on my computer seems to be running normally. So it was able to free up space without messing up things on my computer. That was one thing that I was worried about. This goes double since it found an extra 81MB of junk lying around.


Overall, Xleaner Portable is highly customizable. There are a lot of options so you can go in and adjust what it looks for while it is cleaning your computer. The interface can be a little confusing at first, but if you give it a decent go, you should have no problems figuring it out in the end.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 4.22

Supported OS: Windows 98 / Me /2000 / XP / Vista / 7

Download size: 1.50MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/42

Is it portable? Yes

Xleaner homepage

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