[Android] Go as fast as you can (and then faster) with Extreme Road Trip 2

Extreme Road Trip 2 is a fast paced scrolling-style game that will test and push your reflexes. This game is designed for those who are constantly looking for excitement and love going at fast speeds. It will be great for people who love racing games, and while it’s not exactly a racing type of game, it will still give you an equal thrill.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

This app is a standard scrolling type game that will push your reflexes to a new level. It is designed to keep you thrilled and entertained for however long you have to play the game.


  • Very fast gameplay
  • Unlock cars as you progress
  • Complete missions and perform stunts to earn rewards
  • Race against your friends replays
  • 6 locations
  • Facebook achievements and leaderboards


  • Could be more specific about how to complete missions
  • Simple graphics
  • Different cars provide the same experience


Extreme Road Trip 2 is an extremely fast-paced game designed to keep the player on his or her toes. The overall style of the game is a scrolling-like experience. This is when the screen is constantly moving, and it is your job to move in order to avoid obstacles and collect items. Throughout the game, you can collect different cars by earning more rewards and progressing further. This will help add a little variety to how the game looks.

You earn rewards by completing missions and performing stunts. You complete a mission be achieving a specific goal, such as activating overdrive. These will force you to explore all of the possible moves that can be made throughout the gameplay. You can work your way through 6 different locations which is great so you don’t get bored of one specific level.

The social features of this app are also great as you can hook up with your friends to play. You can play the same levels as your friends and try and beat their time. You do this by racing against their replays. Also, there is Facebook integration with high scores and leaderboards.

While the game is fun, there are a couple things that need fixing. For starters, in order to complete a mission, you must complete an action. But the game does not tell you how to complete that action. Additionally, when you change cars, nothing else changes but the look. It would be cool if you could get more speed or different handling with a different car.

Conclusion and download link

Overall, this game can help you waste hours and hours if that’s what your going for. It is extremely entertaining and is truly a pleasure to play. It is absolutely one of the most fun games that feature scrolling-like gameplay. Consequently, this game is a great continuation of the previous release.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.2

Requires: Android 2.2 and up

Download size: 16mb

Extreme Road Trip 2 on Play Store

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