Male lion + female tiger = one huge cat (aka liger) [Amazing Photo of the Day]

We have seen lions. We have seen tigers. But we haven’t seen ligers.

A liger is the offspring of a male lion and female tiger. Because lions and tigers are in the same genus, they are able to technically breed with each other despite being different species. When a male lion and female tiger go on a romantic date (so to speak), a liger is born. What makes ligers so special? Well aside from the fact that they are a crossbreed (that is only found in human captivity, not out in the wild despite what urban legends may have you believe), ligers are the largest cats known to man.

How big are we talking? The following liger, named Hercules, is over 10 feet long and over 900 lbs. Check the beast out:

Here are some more liger photos, the first one being a liger couple while the second is of a liger and its trainer:

[Thanks Eric! | via Ligerliger, Wikipedia]

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  • Ashraf

    @Eric989: You were suggesting Leopons the other day — have any good pictures? I looked and only found two, both of bad quality.
    @Waughfam: Really? I think its ugly.
    @DrTszap: I can’t find any good Tiglon pictures o_O

  • DrTszap

    Shhh, don’t tell Ashraf about the Liger’s counterpart, the Tigron )(aka Tigon or Tiglon)… Oops here come some more *big* cat pictures

  • This Liger may be the most beautiful creature ever born. Size aside, it is an awesome animal. I for one am impressed.

  • Eric989

    I am so sorry guys but I did not think about the consequences of suggesting for Ashraf to post pictures of ligers on here. I am afraid that the first picture will most likely result in a new spin off reality tv show called “Dancing with the Ligers”.