How online product reviews have affected shopping [Comic]

Be honest — how many of y’all check product reviews online (whether that be a reviewing website or an online retailer with customer submitted reviews, like Amazon or Newegg) prior to purchasing a product? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. In fact, some people — like myself, unfortunately — are obsessed with avoiding products with seemingly bad reviews. Indeed a product may be perfect for my needs but if a review says it is bad, I will not purchase it. The following comic is making fun of people like me; check it out:

Haha… it is true.

[via xkcd]

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  • Reena

    I’ve been meaning to suggest this for a while, but for XKCD comics, would it be possible to include the alt-text somewhere? The one for Reviews is:

    “I plugged in this lamp and my dog went rigid, spoke a sentence of perfect Akkadian, and then was hurled sideways through the picture window. Even worse, it’s one of those lamps where the switch is on the cord.”

    As you can see, the alt-text usually adds an additional dimension of humour. ^_^