Enjoying a meal 25,000 feet in the air (not on an airplane) [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Ever had a meal while 25,000 feet (7,620 m) in the air? No, no — not on an airplane but rather in the open sky with simply a table and two chairs to accompany you (and your food, of course)? Yeah, you probably haven’t; none of us have, simply because it is high improbably — the air is very thin that high. However, if I have ever seen a convincing image of someone having a meal that high, the following is it:

Yes, the image is likely photoshopped. Although I suppose I can always be proven wrong.

[via Facebook]

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  • Ashraf

    @chinaguy: Fine you guys win.

  • chinaguy

    @Ashraf: He does have a mask around his neck. And the table cloth looks like it was taped to the table leg.

  • Ashraf

    @Grantwhy: Oh I don’t doubt the event happened. I’m talking about the picture. Note Wikipedia: “dressed in full mess dress and oxygen masks”. Now note the guy in the picture. No mask. Plus, shouldn’t the table cloth be moving in the air? One would think so. Im guessing this photo was faked but, then again, I may be wrong.

  • Grantwhy

    and, thanks to google reverse image search:

    that is a photo from the 2005 Champagne Mumm Altitude Challenge (aka The World’s Highest Formal Dinner Party)



  • Grantwhy


    (a) the chairs seem to have been welded to to the base, and

    (b) it is exactly the kind of thing people do

    I’m going to guess this is a real photo ….. just don’t ask me how the person taking the photo got there :-p