How to enable (or disable) Facebook Messenger in Firefox 17 and higher [Guide]

Firefox 17 is out and it comes with one new big feature: Facebook Messenger. Yes, you read it right — Facebook Messenger is now integrated as a native application in Firefox… no add-on required to use it! However, it can be a bit confusing as to how to turn on Facebook Messenger for Firefox. If you are confused, don’t worry — this guide shows you how to turn on Facebook Messenger for Firefox.

How to turn on Facebook Messenger for Firefox

The processing of enabling Facebook Messenger for Firefox is actually very simple. To turn on Facebook Messenger for Firefox, visit the Facebook Messenger for Firefox homepage and click the “Turn On” button:

That’s it! Once you click the “Turn On” button, you should see a popup message telling you that Facebook has been added to Firefox and a sidebar will appear asking you to log into Facebook.

How to turn off Facebook Messenger for Firefox

Turning off Facebook Messenger for Firefox is as easy as turning it on. To disable Facebook Messenger for Firefox, simply right-click the blue F button in the top-right corner of your Firefox window and then select the option to remove it.



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  • Lee

    [@Shelley S] I’m on Linux but had found something that only applied to Windows. I’m out of options. Hope you can get it fixed. (Maybe leave Facebook and go to Google+?)

  • Shelley S

    I am on Mac, with Mountain Lion.

  • Lee

    [@Shelley S] What operating system do you use (Windows, Mac, Linux) and which version?

  • Shelley S

    Facebook Messenger IS disconnected and removed from Firefox. And the notifications are STILL showing up ?? I think this must be something to do with Facebook itself. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Lee

    [@Shelley S] Another option I have seen is to go to Options and remove the tick mark from “Facebook Messenger for Firefox”

    Or, another option I have found that “may” work is to go to and turn it off there. (The instructions I found say this is how to turn it ON so maybe it will also turn it off. If not, try turning it on there and THEN check to see if you have the icon on Firefox to turn it off.)

    Hopefully one of those will help. If not, we can keep trying. You can also do a search for:

    Firefox “disable Facebook Messenger”

  • Shelley S

    How do I turn this off? It’s so annoying, I don’t want all these constant pop up notifications. I hate it when something is added like that without your enabling it.
    I do NOT see a blue facebook button in my top right corner of firefox.
    What’s more, the value for my social.enabled IS false already. Yet I still get those annoying FB popup notifications in Firefox.

  • me

    you are wrong by saying that it is as easy to remove as turning it on .. but thanks anyways

  • me

    you are wrong by saying that it is as easy to remove this.. but thanks anyways

  • Namma


    omg thank you! This was auto-added to my browser and turned on WITHOUT PERMISSION.

    I am SICK unto DEATH of these people “deciding what is best” for the user. I DO NOT WANT FACEOOK INTRUDING INTO MY LIFE – PERIOD!

    I should be the one to CHOOSE when and how I access anything at all.

    Bunch of sick frickin’ morons who set this up.

  • Lee

    For those who don’t want the Facebook Messenger at all, you can disable by doing the following (and enable it by changing the value to “true”)

    In on the address bar type “about:config” (without the quotes), then search for social.enabled and change the value to false.