How to stop people from using their smartphones during dinner [Comic]

Yesterday we had a comic on the smartphone generation. Continuing with the smartphone-bashing theme, today’s comic provides a helpful how-to for preventing people from using their smartphones during dinner. Indeed, if you have the problem of texting, Facebooking, tweeting, etc. while at the dinner table or a family function, then this comic is for you. Check it out:

“Dear Lord, strike down my hostess with lightning” — LOL!

[via Joy of Tech]

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  1. AFPhys

    If your “phone stacking” concept becomes popular, I will have to get a cell phone just so I can participate in that. Hmmm… come to think of it, I can probably get some kind of fake look-alike box that isn’t even functional as a phone and that would be nearly cost free…

    Thus far I have been saved from the cell phone craze since my home is not reachable by cell, and I don’t travel enough into areas that are… and I am happy about this!

    One day, I expect to need all these articles by Ashraf about rooting Android, etc., but thus far I have avoided the need.

    Still, I may need to get a fake one to attempt to score some free dinners…

  2. BarrysCool

    To be a little more practical try PHONE STACKING.
    Have each person place their phone in the middle of the table one on top of the other in a tower. The first person to touch their phone pays for the next dinner outing. Or if at a restaurant the first to touch their phone pays the bill. PHONE STACKING, it works.