How many people would have dinner on a platform in the sky held up by a single crane? [Amazing Photo of the Day]

In the past I questioned the bravery of dotTechies by asking who would take a walk on a path in China situated above a deep gorge. Here is a similar inquiry: how many dotTechies would be brave enough to have dinner on a platform in the sky held up by a single crane. You know, like the following platform:

If you look closely at the platform, there is something connected the bottom. However, it is definitely only held up by a single crane. Who has the balls to trust that crane?

For those that are curious, the above photo is of a “Dinner in the Sky” event held in Brussels. Dinner in the Sky is a company that holds dinner events in the sky — quite literally — all around the world.

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  • jayesstee

    So that’s what you do when your guests won’t go home?

  • Bruce Fraser

    That was nice.
    But I am really amazed by the structure on the left. Thanks to Jeanjean for identifying it as the Atomium. Never heard of that before. I’ve looked it up and read about it – fascinating!

    Too bad Ashraf can’t post one of his brilliant photos with that as the centrepiece. It seems the designers of the Atomium get into quite a snit over copyright infringement of their baby’s pictures.

  • JMJ

    The wires/cables to the ground are for stabilizing against any wind and to supply electricity.

    Question: If the food or service is lousy, how do you throw down your napkin and walk out?

  • Ed


  • etim

    “Crap! I dropped my fork.”

  • Arcanod

    Nice! It reminds me of this one, related to tree climbing: :)

  • Jeanjean

    I was not invited ! (I have not even heard of the “event”)
    BTW, (you will notice that the Atomium shines in all its glory following a recent renovation.