The perfect revenge: installing Windows 8 on someone’s PC [Comic]

Time and time and time and time (and time) again we have heard about experts and regular people alike attesting to the fact that Windows 8 sucks for non-touch, traditional PC users. And how Windows 7 is still the best Windows operating system. So, if people shouldn’t upgrade their Windows 7 PCs to Windows 8, then what should Windows 8 be used for? Getting back at someone. Check it out:


[via PC Weenies]

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  • Libby

    However W7 was also a change and people liked it immediately.

  • BigWill

    Um. Microsuck still has yet to best XP for the performance it gives without REQUIRING all the resources. XP with 2gigs of memory will drag Win7 with twice the memory through mud, blood, and feces.
    XP was also the last release that allowed for privacy.
    Microsuck now incorporates info gleenimg schemes to track send and store info on what music you listen to what movies and videos you watch where you shop (online). All versions after XP passivly spy on you and promply report to rich uncle willy who sells and trades what he knows about you to well, everyone…advertisers, law enforcement, gov’t, MPAA, uncle Joe and aunt Lulu, your wife’s divorce lawyer – you get it.
    Right on about VLC though, my preference is MPC with K-lite codec pack. I think it may even be capable of playing those old 8mm home movies – with no projector.

  • Ashraf

    @Harrkev: People don’t like change.

  • Harrkev

    I don’t get all the hate. Yes, metro kind of sucks. Download and install “Classic Shell” and it looks & feel almost exactly like Windows 7. No big deal. The only real change for me now is that I have to use Media Center (not Media Player) to play DVDs, but honestly, VLC has better support for selecting subtitles and different audio tracks. I am happy with W-8 so far.