[iPhone] KDan’s Battery Life Pro provides an attractive way to monitor battery life and system info

Battery Life Pro is an iPhone app developed by KDan Mobile Software. This all-in-one app lets users monitor their battery life with charts and alarms, and also tracks your memory, system info, and current processes running in the background.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Battery Life Pro features seven different layouts, allowing users to choose a battery monitor that is easy to read at a glance while also being more aesthetically pleasing than Apple’s native battery trackers. It also tracks battery health, and gives users an estimate of how long their battery will last while performing certain tasks.


  • Offers a variety of attractive interfaces that are more aesthetically pleasing than native iOS battery health trackers
  • Ability personalize your own interface with your personal photos
  • Tips for extending your battery’s life, as well as tools for tracking your battery charging time over weeks or months
  • Ability to set alarm when battery reaches a certain level of depletion


  • While attractive, doesn’t quite have the same seamless blend of form and function as other apps in the KDan library
  • Processes tab seems pointless: it only lets you see what’s running in the background, but offers no way to cancel them
  • Some font points are very small, making it hard to read at times


Full disclosure: I’m a total KDan junkie. At this point, I’ve tried almost all of the apps they’ve developed, including their VERY excellent PDF reader and their notetaking app NoteLedge. If you haven’t downloaded a KDan app before, you really should: I haven’t found one yet that wasn’t thoughtfully designed and beautifully structured.

Perhaps that was my problem. Having played around with so many different KDan apps, my expectations for Battery Life Pro were pretty high. And while this app didn’t exactly disappoint me, this basically solid app does have some room for improvement.

While the various interfaces are a nice touch, they don’t all have the same degree of usefulness or customibility (which is totally a word, right?) For example, only one interface lets you use your choice of colors, while only one of the other interfaces has a gauge for telling you how long a full recharge will take.

At it’s core, KDan’s Battery Life Pro is a solid battery tracker app. But some of the functions just don’t seem thought through. It could be improved by making the processes tracker a bit more robust, and by making each interface have the same level of bells and whistles.

Conclusion and download link

While this may not be the strongest KDan offering out there, this battery app is definitely easy on the eyes. If you want an app that estimates your battery health and helps you track your battery usage, this free app is worth checking out.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.3.6

Requires iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, iOS version 4.3 or later

Download size: 19.5 MB

Battery Life Pro on Apple App Store

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