Think you are good at making sand castles? I bet you can’t build sand… dolphins [Amazing Photo of the Day]

How many dotTechies would consider themselves to be adept at the art of sand castles? I call it an “art” because it really is an art; only a gifted few are skilled at it. I may lose some man points for admitting this, but I have never been able to build a sand castle. Not once. So it goes without saying I couldn’t build the following; check it out:

It should be mentioned it isn’t entirely clear if someone actually made the sand dolphins you see above or if it is a photoshop trick.

[via Facebook]

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  1. Darcy

    I’d bet on Photoshopped. The support just isn’t there for wet sand. Three of them would have collapsed before the fourth was completed, assuming the fourth is the one with fins in the air, they would have broken off before it was even completed. If some sort of glue and framework were used, the one to the left would still be too heavy to remain up at that angle.

    Great photo though. :)