‘Smarthydro’ bathtub keeps water warm and is controlled by your smartphone [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Anyone watch the Disney movie ‘Smart House’? I have. I remember a specific scene where the boy bragged about how his new intelligent house would keep the water at the perfect temperature while he showered. The ‘Smarthydro’ bathtub is a sleek looking “smart” bathtub that does something similar.

Smarthydro has a ‘Keep Warm’ feature that keeps the water from going cold. It can also fill itself with water and can be controlled via your smartphone. Check it out:

How much will this smart bathtub cost you? I’m not exactly sure (it is hard to pinpoint the company that makes it) but it likely will be in the thousands.

[via Facebook]

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  • Ashraf
  • ds5929

    Does it include the option to drown idiots too stupid to crack open a faucet so our species does’nt descend too far into abject helplessness?

  • Mike

    @kelltic: It’s called an electric cup warmer. I’ve had a cheap-o one for over 20 years and it does a superb job. Also keeps my morning oatmeal-in-a-mug hot! :^)

  • Rob (Down Under)

    @Nola Huggins:
    I too have had this machine gunning of emails.
    I have raised it on the other page (Microsoft solving problems), and I have received the same response as you have here (none).

  • Nola Huggins

    Hi there, Something is going wrong. I have received more than 50 of this particular email, and also more than 50 of How Microsoft solves problems [Comic]. Can you please fix it, I’m going crazy. Thanks, Nola

  • kelltic

    Let me know when someone comes up with a cup that will keep my coffee at the hot temperature I like.