Permanently change the processing priority of a running program with Prio

Prio is a simple program which adds a “Save Priority” option to Windows Task Manager effectively making any priority change by you permanent:


Screenshot originally found on the developer’s website

Of course this “Save Priority” feature is optional so you do not have to enable it (if you just want to change the processing priority for a limited amount of time).

In addition to the save priority feature, Prio has some other interesting tools just as “Silent Elevation” and adding useful tooltips to processes/service/connections in Windows Task Manager.

Now in terms of managing CPU usage Prio, only offering the ability to manually change CPU priority, is definitely inferior when compared to Process Tamer; however Prio is better for those people that prefer not to download programs like Process Tamer and rather prefer to use Windows Task Manager for their CPU usage management needs. You may download Prio from the following links:

***Prio is free for home use only

Click here to download Prio (32-bit)

Click here to download Prio (64-bit)

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