People will pay $70 for a meal but refuse to pay $2 for software [Comic]

I hadn’t really thought of it this way before but, if you think about it, we (and by “we” I mean Western society) do spend a lot of money on food — especially eating out. However, when it comes to software, we often refuse to pay as little as a few bucks. Why? Maybe because food is tangible and software isn’t; or maybe it is because we are accustomed to getting free software but not free food. I really don’t know. Whatever the reason, it is an interesting phenomenon.


[via Manu Cornet]

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  • tejas

    I’ve never paid close to $70 for a single meal, and likely never will. I have no problem with $2 software, so I guess that makes me an oddball…… ;p

  • jayesstee

    At $70 a meal, we tend not to over eat. At $0 a program/app., we all over indulge.
    I just counted how many video coverters, photo editors, defragglers, etc. that I have loaded. I guess, my PC is getting to be digitally obese!
    When I pay for software (and I do pay for some), I do my research and only buy one, the one I think/hope most meets my requirements.
    Might be a theme for a new “Ask dotTechies” – what is your best paid for software. Mine is not Windows!

  • mukhi

    the fact is if some restaurant charges $70, they may give you environment & feel which you may not get if you go for $20 meal. on the other hand, a free software now-a-days is either at par or better than a paid software. you are at dottech guys, do i need to tell you more?

  • kevbo

    Ha ha. I must confess that I’m a little like that; this does tend to put it into prospectus.