More info leaks on the next version of Windows, ‘Windows Blue’


Even if Windows 8 was only just officially released 2 months ago, whispers about its successor are already being heard. The project is being called “Windows Blue” and is expected to be launched in the summer of next year.

Microsoft appears to be moving away from its usual release cycle of a couple of years and instead opting for a quicker yearly cycle instead — if Windows Blue is indeed released on time. Besides starting a new update cycle for Microsoft’s OS, Windows Blue will bring a number of enhancements and new features to Windows 8. Unfortunately for those of you that loathe the direction that Windows 8 took, Windows Blue will not be making any huge changes. In fact, it may even retain the Windows 8 branding when it hits the market next year.

More new info has also been discovered by way of a poster on a Taiwanese forum. Members of the forum have identified this poster as a Microsoft official but as always, consider this a rumor unless it is officially announced by Microsoft.

He claims that is he running an Alpha version of the next Windows with build number 9622 (current Windows is at 9200). He is calling it Windows 9 and claims that the Metro visuals and Start Screen found in Windows 8 are here to stay, although users will be able to further customize their tiles by resizing them like in Windows Phone 8. He also says that the desktop environment will also remain, but will undergo more flattening its design aesthetic, making it look more consistent. Finally, he claims that there will be an update to the kernel, bringing it up to version 6.3.

There will obviously be many more changes to the operating system when it is revealed next year but while these improvements, if true, are definitely a step in the right direction — it might not be enough to appease though who feel burned by the direction Microsoft is taking its OS.

What changes do you think Microsoft needs to bring with Windows Blue? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Col. Panek

    @vandamme: Mine says “Whazzup??” at home, “Yes, Master?” at work.

  • zack

    @Col. Panek: I know the little penguin well, I’m using Linux for my home lamp server. Been playing with the kernel for years. And yes, it would be difficult to port, but maybe not impossible. You might have to go line by line in the code, but I think that it could be done, just not really worth it. My reason for using windows is the compatibility, I need to be able to run almost all programs, not just the select handful that have been redistributed for Linux, and the clones won’t do.

  • Col. Panek

    @zack: Have a look at the Linux demos on YouTube. They give you a good intro on the look and feel. I doubt if there’s a good way to port any Linux desktop to Windows, if that’s what you’re asking. download Mint or Zorin to a DVD or memory stick and try it out.

  • zack

    @vandamme: I wonder how hard it would be to port to windows, or just create a clone. Personally I use everything on the Windows 7 start menu. Switching to the Metro style would only serve to confuse the use of my computer.

    My problem with Metro is that it has all the useless apps in my way. If it just had the same things as the start menu then it wouldn’t be so bad. Furthermore, my screen is big. So having to move the mouse across the screen to go to “Documents” or “Control Panel” just isn’t as convenient as the start menu.

  • @zack: I like the start menu in LinuxMint; it even says “Menu” (you can change that of course)

  • zack

    Give me a start menu or no deal.

  • Clockmendergb

    That was my very first thought

  • And they’re going to charge you every year for updates. (I said You, not me.)

    Is it blue in honor of the infamous BSOD, or are they being slowly asphyxiated?

  • Enrique

    @Mike: So that would mean Windows Blue is the next Windows 7? ;) It really does seem to be every other OS with Microsoft.

  • Mike

    Based on reactions to Windows 8, Windows 7 is the new XP.

  • some new features to windows 8

  • jayesstee

    Service Pack 1 for Win 8?