This is the new Titanic [Amazing Photo of the Day]

The RMS Titanic is a famous ship. Yes, in part due to Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie Titanic, but more so because the ship — one of the largest of its time — crashed into a glacier on its maiden voyage from Southampton, United Kingdom to New York City, United States. This crash caused the death of roughly 1,500 people, making it one of the most deadly non-war related accidents in modern history. Want to see the new Titanic? Check it out:


…Okay that isn’t really the official Titanic 2.0. Rather, the above is a resort in Turkey. If only I could afford that.

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  • Eric989

    @Paul D: At first I thought Titanic II sounded stupid and would be a total flop, but a modernized replica of the original would be very interesting to tour.

  • Paul D

    There is going to be a REAL Titanic II

  • Shawn

    Actualy if you look how this thing is built I know a few storms in the past that would collapse this puppy in a blink of an eye…

    The titanic should be remembered I hope in this place they made some kind of respect museum.. even GhostBusters did a dumb stunt of having the ghostship end up and the dock.

    Heck I blame smokers for not smoking enough… global warming didn’t get there fast enough to melt that iceberg… (Sarcasm)

    But seriously 1500 frozen to death in cold water… Reason not enough life boats… In my book all thoses who lived we’re saved by theses 1500 people as the death toll could of been far worst.

    15 April 1912 it’s been over 100 years already..

  • Machar

    A more affordable alternative is here – This, literally, fantastic offer was sent to Firebox subscribers earlier in 2012. On 1st April in fact… ;)

  • Peter

    sorry for being a smart-arse but ICNR — it’s James Cameron’s film.