[Windows] Burn CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays with CDRWIN 9

CDRWIN 9Are you still looking for a program that can burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays for you? Well if you are, or are just looking to replace the program you are currently using, you should have no problems stumbling across more programs that offer the same features online. Since they all pretty much do the same thing, it really comes down to interface and style. So let’s take a look at CDRWIN 9 and see if it is worth your hard-earned cash.


Main Functionality

CDRWIN 9 is your typical disc burning program. It is able to burn CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays. The layout is simple to understand for people of varying skill levels. It also comes with a few bonus features, like a sector viewer, disc info and disc erasing.


  • Burns discs fairly quickly
  • Can create data CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays
  • Can burn and create ISO, BIN, and XMD images
  • Can rip audio from CDs
  • Can delete information from re-writable discs
  • Supports various techniques for buffer under run protection (BurnProof)
  • Multi-session support for data discs


  • Most of these features can be found in other disc burning programs. Offers nothing that makes it stand out from the onslaught of other burning programs.
  • Will burn DVDs/Blu-Rays but will not author them. In other words, putting a video or movie on a DVD or Blu-Ray will not create a movie DVD/Blu-Ray that you can pop into a DVD/Blu-Ray player to watch.


CDRWIN 9 ScreenshotLet me just start off by saying that CDRWIN 9 is a great program. It does what it says it will do and is able to do it pretty quickly. However, is that enough to make you want to buy it? I mean, the program offers the same kind of services that you can find in other programs for free. Well let’s find out.

CDRWIN 9 is a paid program. However, you can use the program for free for 7 days to see if you like it. After you download it, you will see that it has a very easy-to-understand interface. It has big buttons with clear descriptions of what they do. There is no guesswork involved here, and this makes the program perfect for people who are new to the burning scene.

The program, like most burners nowadays, can be used to create CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays. So there is nothing really special there, just keeping up with the growing standard. It does have the ability to create and burn ISO files. This is big since not all other burners give you the ability to create your own ISO files, but they do give you the option to burn them.

The real problem with this program is the fact that it does nothing to stand out from the tons of similar programs already out on the market. Not only that, but the program asks that you pay $24.99 for it. That is not really a steep price, but it is more than what most people are willing to spend considering the fact that they can find an equally good burner for free.


In and of itself, the program works well. However, although the program works well, it is hard for me to recommend it to anyone simply because it doesn’t offer anything noteworthy; it doesn’t have any features not found in other freeware and shareware burning programs. Why pay $24.99 for a program when software like CDBurnerXP and Ashampoo Burning Studio can do it all for free? And these are only two free burning programs — there are many more out there.

Price: $24.99

Version reviewed: 9

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Download size: 20.9MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/45

Is it portable? No

CDRWIN 9 homepage

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  • Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Many thanks,
    However I am encountering issues with your RSS. I don’t understand why I cannot subscribe to it. Is there anybody else getting similar RSS problems? Anyone who knows the solution can you kindly respond? Thanx!!

  • mukhi

    @JonE: “Anyway, the main point is that from everything I’ve read about ImgBurn indicates that it will at least do authoring for rewritable discs; that seems strange to me, but that’s what it says.”

    well, that’s strange to me, too. authoring is nothing but transcoding (say, AVI to VOB) followed by burning. therefore, it should not be disc specific.

    burning is really cumbersome and almost unnecessary now-a-days. forget about BD, even burning a DVD takes too much time (you should never burn at max speed to avoid playback issues). you needed to burn since there were no USB sticks to install a program, no download option either. you wanted to burn (or even author) since your media player would not support all different formats. and last but not the least, you used to believe that discs were more reliable than HDDs. now, all these issued got solved.
    the only reason that may make you burn is that the price. optical discs are still (way) cheaper than HDDs if you think about $/GB.

  • JonE

    @mukhi: Like you I do very little burning these days, although I used to. And I am certainly no expert on the matter; there is still plenty I don’t understand about it. And like you I personally have no need for authoring; the only reason I mention it is that all the reviews Ashraf has done, that I’ve read, concerning Burning software, except one; one of the main Cons was that it would not author a DVD or Blu-Ray; this set me off to do some research. Now as I said I’m no expert because as I do research and learn new things there is always something that ends up confusing the crap outa me and I simply do not have the time to research every bit of data I come across; wish I did. Not sure my noodle is big enough to fit all that info anyway.

    Anyway, the main point is that from everything I’ve read about ImgBurn indicates that it will at least do authoring for rewritable discs; that seems strange to me, but that’s what it says. The one title that Ashraf did not list authoring as a Con is CDBurnerXP, but in fact that review had no mention of authoring what so ever.

    One other title that I found that sounded promising is “Burnaware”, which has three versions; Free, Pro, and Home. The Home version also appears to be free and ad-supported, but the Free version is very highly rated as well as the more downloaded version. Of course ImgBurn download stats flat blow away all the others listed here, as well as Ashampoo Burning Studio; somewhere between 10 – 12 to 1. At a minimum for every one million copies of ImgBurn downloaded the rest are, at best, having 100,000 downloaded and it really isn’t that close.

    I guess I let the burning terms twist my head around. I’ve made myself a note to learn about those terms and what they mean so I can better understand what they all mean and how they might relate to authoring and when I’m sure I have a better understanding of it all I will probably come back and do some more writing, but for now that’s all the time I have for today and probably for the remainder of this week. I promised myself I wouldn’t post today.

  • JonE

    @Frank D: Good Deal; you are most welcome, any time.

  • Frank D

    @Ashraf: and @JonE: Persistence has paid off. I received my serial number in an e-mail from Engelmann (sent to my regular gmail account, so no alternate address was needed), I entered it, and success! The program is now registered and works as advertised. Thank you for your help!

  • mukhi

    @JonE: not that i know of; even imgburn does not support authoring, i guess. also, i never needed authoring.

  • Ashraf

    @Frank D: Have you tried reinstalling the program? Or is the registration on their website? Sorry I havent downloaded from GOTD so I dont know.

    You know, this program really isnt worth all this trouble you are going through.

  • Frank D

    @JonE: I’ve sent a message to Engelmann support. I’ll let you know what they say.

  • Frank D

    @Ashraf: I’ve done so (using my Outlook.com address) but the result is exactly the same. :(

  • JonE

    @Frank D: Obviously Ashraf is wearing a better hat than I am today; I should have thought of that. Have you tried a different email address? Are you using an alternate email; sometimes those don’t work so well when trying to register software.

    Uninstall CDRWIN 9; a simple uninstall should do, then reinstall, then reenter your info using a different email. I’ve never had a problem using my ISP email to register software programs; just a suggestion.

    Other than getting in direct contact with Engelmann Media and GOTD I don’t know what else to suggest.

  • Ashraf

    @Frank D: At the risk of sounding obvious, have you tried using a different email address?

  • Frank D

    @JonE: No joy, still getting the same message from Engelmann: “There were some errors whilst checking your email address.

    -The confirm link you have clicked is invalid. You may have already confirmed your subscription.”

    Notice that they say there were “errors” with my e-mail address. What? Then how did I get the e-mail message from them. And I did NOT confirm my subscription, because I’m still getting the “this is a demo” message. I’m ready to give up on this. Thanks for your help.

  • JonE

    @Frank D: Did you try again; have you had success?

    I downloaded the GOTD zip file, installed CDRWIN 9 and then filled out the form that popped up. The woman called me to dinner so had to wait till after to check email. When I checked the confirmation email was waiting for me and about 10 minutes later the serial number arrived in a separate email.

    So, if you haven’t checked email go ahead and check. If the confirmation email isn’t there try installing it again to get the form back up and see what happens. Without knowing whether you’ve had success, or not, the only other thing I can think of is something on your system blocking the information from being sent; such as security software.

    Good Luck!

  • Frank D

    @JonE: Your advice sounds good. I’ll keep on trying. Thanks.

  • JonE

    ImgBurn; any chance we could see a review of “ImgBurn”; http://www.imgburn.com?

    I’ve been busy today and there were no comments when I started this hours ago. So, to the first commentator @mukhi: I have to ask, “Is there any free Burning software, other than ImgBurn, that offers Authoring?” I ask because I don’t know of one. To the next commentator @Frank D: it is not unusual for GOTD to have these problems; especially on the weekend when there are a lot of people trying to download or register popular GOTD offerings. At this point I don’t know whether it’s a GOTD problem or an Englemann Media problem. Based on the comments I’m reading on GOTD I’d say it’s an Englemann Media problem. The only thing I can suggest is to try again later today or every couple hours. If you still don’t have your registration info by the end of today’s GOTD promotion then I’d visit both GOTD and Engleman Media again tomorrow. When these problems have happened in the past GOTD has made sure that people get the opportunity to get their registration information the following day. Just keep trying and failing that check back tomorrow.

    I can’t say that I totally agree with our reviewers comments about price. With that said I do understand what the reviewer is saying, but other than free burner software CDRWIN 9 seems to be pretty reasonably priced, to me, compared to other pay for burner software.

    The reviewer mentions “Ashampoo Burning Studio (ABS)” and “CDBurnerXP” as free alternatives; no argument there.

    I’ve been downloading FREE Ashampoo software for years, but I’ve always realized that comes with a trade off depending on which free version I download and install. I mean Ashampoo is a little shady. The last review of Ashampoo was in response to GOTD offering touted as being ABS 2013; I can’t find one mention of anything titled BS 2013, or anything else 2013, on the Ashampoo site. The program I downloaded and installed in relation to that GOTD giveaway ended up being version (3710), however, when I open the software it bears the title “ABS 2013”; agreed not as bad as some, but still a bit shady. This version weighed in at 87.7MB, on my computer. I know I can get ABS version 9, for free, weighing in around 16 – 17MB, but the obvious trade off is that it’s three versions behind the current version. And that’s the main trade off of all Free Ashampoo software. The free software is always one version or more behind the current software. I have to admit that ABS version 11 is only half as fat as version 10 was. Makes one wonder what all that extra fluff is for? Now when I open ABS 2013 (really version 11) it offers to sell me ABS 2012; the current version for $19.99, not bad considering the normal price is $49.99. Now, I definitely don’t think that’s worth it. Other than the price of ABS the obvious trade off is it’s 170.88MB size.

    It really depends on what trade offs you’re willing to put up with, but if you are anything like me you may have found it worthwhile to pay for software rather than put up with certain trade offs.

    No, I haven’t forgotten about CDBurnerXP; it’s free. I can’t really say anything bad about it, but like most free software it does have a trade off; it requires Microsoft .NET Framework.

    I’ve never used today’s GOTD offering; CDRWIN 9, so I don’t really know what it’s worth, but considering the reviewers mostly positive remarks concerning this software I’d say $24.95 isn’t that bad compared to other pay for Burning software. And I need to point out that CDRWIN 9 is being offered for $19.99 for those that download and install today’s GOTD offering.

    I bought my first CD-DVD Burning Software years ago, years ago, from what was at that time considered the leader in that type of software. My record keeping back then was not as good as it is today, and so I don’t remember the exact price I paid, but I do know that it was considerably more than the price of today’s offering. There weren’t, to my knowledge, any Free Burning software back then and Blu Ray was a brand new, very expensive, video option. I just don’t think $24.95 is that bad compared to other software of it’s type.

    One more thing; I did a bit of checking. CDR WIN 10 is available on the Englemann site, as a download, for $9.99. I’m not endorsing CDR WIN; I know nothing about it, just mentioning that the current version is available, as a download, for a pretty reasonable price if you are so inclined.

  • Frank D

    The reply e-mail I get from Engelmann says that there’s a problem with my e-mail address, and won’t update my demo version of CDR-Win to a full working copy.

    How can that be? The e-mail address the only one I use, and because I received a response from them I figure the e-mail address must be OK and working.

    I never had this kind of problem before with a GotD program.

    Can anyone help? Thanks!

  • mukhi

    if i ever need a burn (since i almost don’t burn now-a-days), i don’t think i am gonna use anything other than imgburn. this program is free, portable, and most importantly reliable. i have had so many failure cases with nero and roxio burners that i dislike them. for burning dual layer disks, i doubt you can get a better program than imgburn. if you want a free program, you can also try star burn and ashampoo.

    and, Ashraf is very right; unless paid programs offer authoring, it’s not worth even trying it.