How many people madly click their mouse when a program freezes? [Comic]

There are two common ways people react when a program freezes. The first is smacking something, typically the computer or the desk. The second is madly clicking the mouse. How many people are of the latter group? I admit, I am because, you know, keep clicking the mouse obviously solves any and all issues…


[via MrLovenStein, HowToGeek]

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  • JonE

    @Grantwhy: That is so funny; it could be filed under the heading of, “Sad but True!”

    We are an impatient people; are we not? And yes, I include myself.

  • Grantwhy

    It could be worse.

    It took me a couple of years (in their defence, this usually only happened a couple of times a year) to train some people at work that, when they click on the print button and nothing happens, do *NOT* click the print button again, and again, and again, and again etc until the printer starts printing …. at which point they would ask me why the printer is printing so many copies of their document when they only wanted one.


  • JonE

    I agree with AFPhys; strategic mouse clicking. In my case five to be exact. One to open “Process Hacker”, one to select the offending program, a right click, a click to select the command “Terminate”, and one last click to agree with the contract to Kill the Offender.

    But, if the computer freezes that is a totally different story. Mouse clicking? No; I have a different technique. I’m a keyboard space key masher; I repeatedly press the space key and when it is apparent that troubleshooting technique is not working I will usually resort to pounding the keyboard with my fist, until my fist starts yelling at me for abusing it which is when I slowly regain some sanity. Then I turn the computer off.

    If, when I turn the computer back on, it becomes apparent that it is not booting I can usually be heard throughout the house airing some choice expletives, which I will not repeat here.

    Mouse Clicking? Nope; not for me.

  • AFPhys

    I click the mouse strategically =|;^) not madly… attempting to determine when my silly machine is obeying me at all…